Draw a line

There are always different meanings on different words and phrases that bring about a different thought process from us.

I came across a phrase the other day that resonated with me greatly. It’s a phrase that changed my thinking. When we ‘draw a line in the sand’ we put a stop to it. There are lots of phrases, which if used …

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10 Oct, 2014

Irritable behaviour

As a child, I was never consciously aware, or even understood why when someone said something to me it was like a time-bomb going off.

I was irritable at everyone. I can’t remember what exactly irritated me, but being blamed for things that I know clearly weren’t my fault, acted as an irritant. Looking back now I can see the pattern …

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8 Oct, 2014


Unfortunately, gratification and self-gratification have become part of our lives. We do things but expect something back in return.

This is the way their lives roll and they make no excuses about it. Others will genuinely do things, not for personal gain but because they have empathy and want to help others without expecting …

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7 Oct, 2014

Water & digestion

Digestion allows the body to absorb nutrients from the food we eat and to pass them through intestinal wall and into our bloodstream, which in turn brings the vitamins, minerals, fats, proteins and carbohydrates to the rest of the body.

Drinking water is part of that process and if taken prior to eating can help improve digestion. Our bodies cannot digest food without adequate water. The process known as hydrolysis, changes …

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5 Oct, 2014

An understanding

It’s taken me a long time to understand my parents, the bigger picture, the role they played, why my life would never be any different and why I came to struggle.

I remember a conversation I’d had with someone years ago about parents and that just because we become parents, doesn’t mean we are emotionally ready. Parents aren’t always equipped to nurture …

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4 Oct, 2014

My Cerebral Palsy

It was in my 40s that I was able to start piecing some of my cerebral palsy together. My parents were reluctant to talk about it, so I am having to piece everything together myself. It’s not ideal, but it’s something. It would take years and my mother’s terminal illness for her to open up for the first time, telling me about my birth.

It is usual for any new mum to give birth through the National Health Service, which is hugely experienced and well equipped. I now know that in my case through a multiple birth, cerebral palsy could …

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2 Oct, 2014