What is Echinacea?

Echinacea is one of the most popular herbal products in the UK. It’s a flowering plant that grows throughout Europe and North America the leaves, stems, flower, and roots of which may be used to produce supplements, liquid extracts, and teas. People have used Echinacea as a traditional cold remedy for centuries.

Echinacea is now registered by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency as a traditional herbal medicine meaning it can be sold in the UK for treatment of symptoms of the …

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29 Nov, 2014

How to let go of worry

Over the years I’ve had so many negative things I’ve had to deal with, if I hadn’t learned how to let the negativity go, I’d be continually living with anxiety.

I find the easiest way to solve an issue is to stop participating in its worry. On a conscious level it’s important to let the worry go, so it doesn’t become our primary focus. Giving up completely …

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28 Nov, 2014

A sense of self

Perhaps we need to find where we want to be in the world and how we want people to see us and perhaps we have to lead ourselves through the most difficult of circumstances for us to find our sense of self.

As a child, I had no sense of self, it’s something I’ve had to work on continuously throughout my adult life. Our sense of self includes behaviors and associations that we consider the most important …

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26 Nov, 2014

Why do bad things happen?

I am sure many of us ask that same question, why do bad things happen to good people when they get caught up in unfortunate circumstances? We will all have different thoughts on this, but this is my understanding and belief.

It may look as if bad things happen to good people, but it’s not in the way we may think. The universe doesn’t act in that way. I believe what happens in the world and what we do to each other is …

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25 Nov, 2014

Hiding from our truth

We hide from our truth. We put on a façade when we continue to pretend we’re okay, when in reality we mask a loss of hope. Imagine a feeling of freedom if you weren’t living behind one.

Hiding behind a façade becomes even more difficult over time, because how we really feel and what we deal with never goes away and keeping up appearances doesn’t help, because in the real world it gives …

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23 Nov, 2014

Tackling life’s uncertainties

When I was growing up there was less pressure on families. Children followed a path that involved school, with a guaranteed job at the end.

Now students go through school, often attend university but aren’t guaranteed a job, and that can put emotional and financial pressures on families. Perhaps, therefore we need to be more proactive …

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22 Nov, 2014

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