How we express ourselves

We often don’t stop to think that what we’re saying will not only get us into trouble, but will hurt someone else. As a child who was angry, I always got myself into trouble.

Although my family never worked out why I was so angry, my mum did ask me to think about what I was saying and if I couldn’t say anything nice, I shouldn’t say anything at all. Although I wasn’t …

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20 Nov, 2014

Beyond the imperfections

Being born with a physical condition I didn’t know I had, has allowed me to look beyond the imperfections, because physically I wasn’t born perfect. Life isn’t perfect, we are imperfect and flawed in so many ways, therefore we shouldn’t strive to reach for perfection.

When we can live and look beyond our own imperfections we will have a chance to be and stay happy. I believe happiness is a spiritual experience of living with love, grace and gratitude in our lives …

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19 Nov, 2014

How to avoid getting sick

We’re in the throes of winter now and I personally can’t afford to get sick because if I do get sick, it takes me a lot longer to recover.

These would be my reference tips to help us to stay healthy this winter and avoid getting sick:

Stay away from people who are sick

This may seem obvious but it is really important to avoid close contact with anyone who seems under-the-weather …

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17 Nov, 2014

Unsettling thoughts

I go through phases where my life makes sense, everything in my life is compartmentalised, I bring an acceptance then when I look back nothing seems to makes sense.

This is what I’ve had to deal with and usually happens when I have more stressful situations to deal with and I’m here again with the same thought process. As my unconscious thoughts …

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16 Nov, 2014

CP & Lifestyle

As a child not knowing I had Cerebral Palsy, I lived in the hope that with exercise my problems would somehow miraculously disappear and whatever I had, would right itself if I persevered long enough.

How wrong I was. There is no cure. All I can hope for now, is a better quality of life living with the condition and my ability to cope. In general terms, treatment focuses on ways for those with the …

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11 Nov, 2014