Drawing parallels

My mind tends to wander. I was looking out the kitchen window the other day, when my mind began to wander again, this time looking at the different birds in the garden.

What would my life be like, if that were my life, how would I cope? I understand that birds have to search for food as well as keep warm in the winter months and although can be an uphill struggle, from where …

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21 Dec, 2014

Working on feeling better

The sad reality is that I’m never far away from illness, even with the provisions I’ve put in place. A bad day and I struggle to function physically. When I look back at the last few weeks, I can see why I’m struggling now.

The culmination of those weeks and what I’ve had to deal with, have brought me to this place. Today I’m going to work …

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19 Dec, 2014

Oil therapy

Oil therapy is a traditional Indian medicine that dates back 3,000 years and involves swishing approximately 1 teaspoon of either coconut, sesame, or sunflower oil, into the mouth and then spitting it out.

Recent studies have shown that oil pulling helps against gingivitis, plaque and microorganisms that can cause bad …

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18 Dec, 2014

Parenting differently

Dealing with issues will always come first, but did you know that dealing with issues for an extended period of time may eventually affect our ability to cope? That the less we learn from childhood, the more anxiety and stress we will have. It all stems from our parents.

As parents, it is only natural that we want to mollycoddle and protect our children from the harsh realities of life. That happened to me, but it had nothing to do with my cerebral palsy and whilst I don’t …

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17 Dec, 2014

Being aware of blame

As a child, then the adult, the majority of us will spend our lives apportioning blame on to others and although there is often merit to how we feel, apportioning blame is not always the best way.

It’s important to make ourselves aware of blame, even anger, anything that keeps us emotionally stuck. Being aware of our feelings is critical if we are ever going to change our lives. When we fail to move …

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15 Dec, 2014

We see what we want

We see what we want to see, because we’re not in touch with reality, we are in touch with reality but fail to see a true reality of our circumstances, or we have no clear understanding of how to see what we need to see.

Seeing what we want to see means we’ll always fail to see what we need to see. Seeing what we need to see will help us bring about the right outcome, but first we need to think about and understand everything …

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14 Dec, 2014

A better day

It’s been an odd kind of day, an odd kind of week for that matter. I’ve done lots of things, achieved lots of things, but feel I’ve achieved very little. My mind is full of thoughts, but I’m too tired to articulate them so nothing’s making sense.

I think today I’ll work on having a better day so that I can write another blog. I’m hoping my day will go better. I’ll let …

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13 Dec, 2014