Reflecting on the last year

Reaching the end of 2015, I cannot believe yet another year has passed so quickly. Apart from the continuation of The CP Diary, which I feel has been enormously successful, my other achievement is my coming to understand part of my Cerebral Palsy symptoms after all these years.

It’s been a pain staking exercise from start to finish, trying to pin point and simultaneously understand what my struggles have been. Working through my MRI scan in detail has allowed me …

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29 Dec, 2015

A different thought process

Understanding and having my Cerebral Palsy symptoms confirmed has now brought me to a different emotional place. In a way, I’m more at peace because trying to work out what was wrong with me was always my biggest challenge; now everything feels less of a challenge.

Although I always knew there was no getting away from the fact that I am controlled by my neurological difficulties, for which I have no choice, going through my MRI scan papers two and a …

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27 Dec, 2015

Understanding what’s right

As a child, it was always important to me that I did the right thing. It didn’t really matter what the right thing was, it felt wrong doing the wrong thing. What you think is right isn’t the same as inwardly knowing what’s right, but it helps to do what we think is right, because those things will eventually become right.

What is doing the right thing?

It’s living with a conscience and understanding that ‘little voice’ that tells us what’s right. We know we’re doing …

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26 Dec, 2015