We’re not responsible

“I am not my brother’s keeper.” And whilst it’s true we’re responsible for ourselves, it’s also true that we’re not responsible for what someone else does or says, and yet the baggage inflicted on us we carry as our own, as if we are responsible.

If as a consequence we go to on blame those closest to us, who by association have a relationship with that person causing …

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31 Jan, 2015

Expectations & Milestones

It’s when ordinary people rise above the expectations and seize the opportunity that milestones truly are reached.” – Mike Huckabee

Milestones are those markers in the road telling us how far we’ve come and how much we’ve managed to achieve. Given my own physical, mental and emotional disabilities, I would always struggle to …

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28 Jan, 2015

Our need to prove

We will spend a lifetime trying to prove to our parents that we’re worthy, a lifetime trying to live up to our parents’ expectations. We will spend a lifetime trying to show them we’re capable; that we’re responsible, that we can make something of ourselves; of our lives.

Parents will have their own opinions and expectations, which they will pass on to us, as their parents did with them. My father’s only one expectation was that I get married. I never felt the need to prove …

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26 Jan, 2015


We all have things that we deal with, but for those who of us who deal with a disability, will have those things to deal with and the added complications arising from our disability.

This can often bring about emotional and mental challenges and may invite little understanding and tolerance from other people. When others have little tolerance for themselves, it means they will have …

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24 Jan, 2015

My struggles

My sensory issues are beginning to interfere with my daily life. If I’d known what I had been dealing with for all of those years, I would have had a head start in finding a way to deal with these challenges now.

Juggling my emotions around sensory issues, such as open spaces and visual distortion are challenges in themselves and are scary. I not only feel aggrieved, that it has taken me this long to learn about …

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23 Jan, 2015

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