Without reflection

Critical reflection involves a critique of the presuppositions on which our beliefs have been built. Reflection gives us a new perspective.

Without it, we will lead blindly, we will fail to create anything useful and will create more issues we wouldn’t have had, had we used reflection as a tool. Without reflection, we may fail to learn, so will …

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21 Jan, 2015

Getting knocked back

I stagnated for many years. Getting knocked back doesn’t have to be just done in the form of an interview. It can happen when someone close goes off at the deep end, pulls us down, shuts us off without communication and where our values begin to feel threatened.

It’s not always easily rectified either, unless the other person is ready to deal with and take responsibility for their presenting behaviour. Although it’s not easy, we must try to see the bigger picture so that we …

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20 Jan, 2015

My sensory problems

The sensory system of a child who has suffered a brain injury at birth, is likely to continue to be at a more immature stage of development, compared to that of a child without an injured brain.

Because I have cerebral palsy I deal with abnormal sensory perceptions, which means my senses are dulled, distorted and amplified in one or more of the sensory modalities. Throughout my life I have …

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18 Jan, 2015

My next blog

This blog is to help me understand how others deal with me and my cerebral palsy. Cerebral palsy continues to be incredibly difficult to deal with, not because I struggle, but because there is very little understanding from others on what I deal with.

Although I am mentally immature and my brain’s ability to process information correctly is impaired, none of how I am is intentional, but it’s not the way it’s received. Sensory issues that we deal …

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17 Jan, 2015

I’m not exempt

Away from the Diary I have things that I deal with that are causing me stress. I find ways to deal with my stress, but my Diary doesn’t always exempt me from other people’s stress. It does however allow me to find coping mechanisms.

Like everyone, I am not exempt. I still have to function and deal with life and those grey areas that make my life stressful …

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15 Jan, 2015

Increasing our confidence

How do we improve our confidence? How do we turn our lives around from having no confidence to having some confidence? Having struggled with little confidence over the years, these are my top tips and they work for me.

Learn to be kind and generous: because when you’re kind and generous, you not only improve how you see yourself, but you learn to treat others as you would want them to treat you. This leads to us …

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14 Jan, 2015

Taking offence

We live in a world where we’re right, we’re never wrong, we won’t back down and that’s how arguments start.

We don’t like what someone says and we take it personally. It’s not that others will always set out to criticise. Nine times out of ten when someone says something, it’s because they have a problem with something …

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12 Jan, 2015