Detaching oneself

When we begin not to care and consciously take the emotions away from a particular person or issue, we take away the element of struggle. The reason why we struggle and continue to struggle, is because we continue to carry the emotions that attach us to that particular issue or person.

When we stop caring emotionally, we give ourselves the ammunition to readily address whatever we happen to be dealing …

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28 Feb, 2015

Old at any age

As a child I always used to think people as they aged, were more likely to have old mentalities, but years on I’m beginning to think it’s simply not true. There’s no difference between someone being 26 or being 88.

We all have the ability to learn, adapt and find new ways to move forward, or we can choose to do none of those. Our mentality and fixed ways of thinking will always play its part in our outlook …

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26 Feb, 2015

We create our stress

If I were to tell you we are responsible for our own stress, you would probably laugh or shrug it off. You may even get cross; after all, who wants to be told they are the reason for their own stress?

I’m not sure how many of us are open to that idea, yet it’s a fact that stress is self-generated. Others will contribute to our stress, and although we don’t have control over their behaviour and the way they behave …

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25 Feb, 2015

Health consequences

When we’re constantly juggling our lives around stress, we will fail to look after our health, will fail to deal with our issues and as a consequence will fail to eat properly, as we continue to spiral into what seems like a permanent emotional rut, with no motivation coming from us to pull ourselves out of it.

The irony is that no one else is responsible for us and therefore it’s nobody else’s fault if we get ill. As we continue to blame everyone and everything in our wake for how we feel and the rut we’re in …

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23 Feb, 2015

About true friends

I just don’t get it. They say true friends go long periods of time without speaking and still never question the friendship. A true friend implies the presence of the deepest connection, so why would anyone with those connections choose to go long periods of time without connecting?

The quality of any friendship will usually depend on how we’ve been brought up and whether the emphasis we had was on people or things. It’s important for anyone who wants to have true friends …

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22 Feb, 2015

Gentle reminders

Until my mid-thirties I struggled enormously with the things I couldn’t change. Through our own struggles and through our children’s success, there will always be those gentle reminders that serve to reinforce our own lack of success. Through our vision for our children, those reminders will stir up negative thoughts on what we didn’t go on to achieve.

So how do we move on so that we don’t go back to negative thoughts about our own accomplishments? I believe to do that we must learn and come to understand why things didn’t happen …

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20 Feb, 2015