One size parenting

One size fits all parenting. What if through one size fits all parenting, all siblings are sidled together and as a consequence miss out on their own opportunities?

If that were the case, how easy would it be for siblings to apportion blame on their parents and their other siblings for how their lives turn out? When parents don’t accept their mistakes and take …

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18 Feb, 2015

Finding it hard to equate

I’ve made a point of being open and honest about my experiences, sharing my blogs because that’s how I am and yet this is one of the hardest blogs I’ve had to write. Whilst I receive compliments about my site, I have difficulty recognising how successful the Diary actually is because I struggle with neurological impairments.

I am irritated that I find it hard to enthuse what should be my biggest success. Although I love to receive and read positive feedback about my site, I find it hard …

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16 Feb, 2015

Being empathetic

It is our ability to put ourselves in another person’s shoes that reduces our risk of becoming anxious and bullying other people. Those are the findings of neuroscientists, educators and psychologists. Empathy is the key to human and social interaction and morality. Society and individuals need to introduce the change.

Infancy, which is where it all begins, is critical for the development of empathy. Although children by nature are resilient and have known to thrive despite abuse and neglect, there are studies …

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15 Feb, 2015

We’re nearly all victims

It starts with our parents. It’s easy to blame them for the way we turn out and although there is some merit, justification and perfectly true for some of us, I’m not sure how fair in reality it really is when we look at the bigger picture.

I know I was a victim and whilst some of us will blame and continue to blame our parents for us being victims and how we turn out, some of our parents will already be victims themselves and so …

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9 Feb, 2015