My ups and downs

It has taken me for what seems like forever, to understand why I continue to have up and down days. It has also taken me a long time and what seems like forever to understand everything there is to know about neurological impairments, which can make me feel panicked.

Because my perceptions are heightened, any issues I have to deal with are also heightened. I have never struggled with the concept of change, I struggle with change that involves having to deal …

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21 Mar, 2015

We can’t fix other people

Instinctively, there will always be people who want to reach out, people who will want to understand, people who want to help others, people who nurture other people and there will be those people who want to try and fix other people.

Of course some of these sentiments are really good and as harsh as it sounds, realistically it’s not our place to try to fix other people, it’s theirs. I wish we could. It’s honourable when we want to …

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20 Mar, 2015

Running away

As we continue to protect ourselves by ignoring the truth, we become more exposed than we are protected. It wasn’t so much that I was ignoring the truth, others were ignoring my truth. Until I came to piece my own life together, that was my life.

It would be many years before I would start to move forward. To the outside world my life appeared to be perfect, we appear perfect but our emotions and our lives are far from picture perfect. We will …

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17 Mar, 2015

Making a difference

Make a difference. When you do something, do it for nothing instead of doing it for something. Make more effort than people come to expect.

When I was growing up, people genuinely cared about each other. Even if we didn’t have time, we made time to help other people out. Society was different. We we’re taught to listen, we were taught …

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15 Mar, 2015

Why we should internalise

I’ve never been any different. Ever since I was a small child I’ve always internalised my thoughts, not because I was manic or self-obsessed with things, but because it was my way of understanding my life.

Not everyone who internalises will know how to talk outwardly about how they feel, but I believe it’s a pretty good place to start. I think more of us should do it. Internalising our thoughts allows us …

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13 Mar, 2015

Closing the door

I wake up with the same recurring thoughts whirling through my mind of things wronged, by those who were supposed to support and protect me, growing up.

Unless we deal with and close the door on some of the older issues, we will never realistically be able to bring closure on our issues and I’m no different. Although more is being done to quash the stigma …

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12 Mar, 2015