Feeling bad

It helps that I can switch off when I need to, because switching off has got me through some very difficult times; but it doesn’t come without its disadvantages.

When I am constantly being reminded of my neurological struggles because of Cerebral Palsy, I switch so that I don’t have to feel bad, or think about it. Daily, I live with all of it. Although others may …

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31 May, 2015

Our moral compass

A moral compass is a person’s ability to judge what is right and wrong and act accordingly. It’s our moral compass that’s partly responsible for the way we live our lives. The other part is our values.

For us to incorporate any worth to our values, we need to understand them first. Like us, others may need to understand their values, to understand themselves better and what makes them who …

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29 May, 2015

We make assumptions

We make assumptions about people before we really know. In some cases, we’ll agree we’ve wrongly assumed what we’ve assumed about that person and in other cases rather than initiate we were a little too quick to judge, we’ll keep up the pretence rather that admit were wrong.

Perhaps it’s us wanting to be right, so will never admit we’re wrong; or what we see in someone else, is as a reflection of what we see in ourselves. We may go out of our way to prove to ourselves and to …

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28 May, 2015

About blame

Do you still get blamed for the things you’re not responsible for and is that blame being directed towards someone who clearly isn’t to blame or remotely responsible?

The mind continues to reason, understands the logic and the reasoning, but still won’t let it go. Perhaps we think that if we let go of blaming someone that would escalate into us carrying even more …

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26 May, 2015

Out of spite

Food for thought: We spite because we’re that way inclined and it’s what we do. Someone has done it to us, so we don’t think twice about doing it to someone else. Whether we consciously or unconsciously do something to spite, we will never get away with it. Someone who spites will …

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25 May, 2015

About Exercise

Exercises are generally grouped into three types depending on the overall effect they have on the human body.

The three main categories are: Aerobic exercises, such as cycling, walking, running, hiking, and playing tennis. Anaerobic exercises, such as weight training and flexibility exercises such as …

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23 May, 2015

Understanding our thinking

Science has shown that it is our thoughts about the things that happen to us that have the biggest impact on how we feel and how we will go on to act on those things. Thoughts don’t just apply to the big events that happen in our lives, but to the small issues too. Our initial thinking on any event that is negative, isn’t always as accurate as we think.

To understand our thinking, we need to be aware of our thinking patterns, because it is those patterns that will have the most impact on our behaviour and on our relationships with other people …

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22 May, 2015