My fair share of struggles

It’s fair to say that I have had and I still continue to have my fair share of struggles. I get to the point where things tick over nicely, but then everything seems wrong, nothing seems right, and how I got to this place bothers me.

There is so much I would like to change, but can’t so my struggles go on. The summer months also reinforce some of my cerebral palsy issues. I tend to stand back so that I rationale my struggles from the outside …

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30 Jun, 2015

Other people’s ignorance

There are those who genuinely want to help, those who want to help but don’t know how to help and those who don’t want to know what it is we’re dealing with and therefore won’t go out of their way to help.

On our part, it’s the not knowing, living in the dark with little to no understanding of our issue that makes what we feel and what we think worse. We can always work through things when we have an understanding …

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29 Jun, 2015

Our lessons

If you’re lucky enough to have supportive parents, you will learn many lessons from them, but sometimes the lessons we may take from them is how not to do things.

My fate was sealed the moment I was born, but it would go on to take me many years to understand why. In my mind, I was optimistic; optimistic but probably rather naïve in my thinking that my life would …

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28 Jun, 2015

Making a choice

Although I was emotionally stuck as a child, I made a conscious effort to make sure I wasn’t also set in my ways too.

I’ve heard it said that the older we are the more likely we are to be and remain set in our ways, but I believe we get to call the shots. We get to make our choice. That when we see the decisions and choices we …

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26 Jun, 2015

Looking back at life

It’s only when children become independent and begin to live their own lives that we as parents look back at our own life and either look back at those memories fondly, or come to realise how bad our life has really been.

I have never chosen to live my life through my children, just because I didn’t have the opportunity to have my own positive experiences, my life is my life, but I still can’t seem to help looking back. I think …

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25 Jun, 2015

Negative to positive

Whilst we have life, we can choose to perceive things differently. Negative to positive we change our perceptions. We can choose to focus our perceptions on the positive. It’s our lives, we get to choose.

We can look at a situation and see the good, or we can look at the same situation and see the bad. We should live presently and look at our lives, so that our thoughts aren’t being filtered through our subconscious …

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24 Jun, 2015

Digestion & immunity

It’s hard to believe that we’re made of 90% bacteria. For every cell in your body, we have 9 cells of bacteria living in and on our body.

Most of the bacteria is living inside our intestinal tract and the health of this organism is critical to the overall health of our bodies. The health of our gut bacteria and the health of our immune …

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22 Jun, 2015

Energy & recovery

It’s a fact that someone with cerebral palsy uses 3 to 5 times more energy to do the same things as someone without cerebral palsy, so it stands to reason that because I have cerebral palsy, I will tire more quickly when I over exert myself.

It also stands to reason that the older we get the more tired we will become, so living with Cerebral Palsy, means I will tire 3 to 5 times more as I age, than someone ageing without the condition. Over the …

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21 Jun, 2015

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