Measured decisions

Measured decisions usually come on the back of measured thoughts. A measured decision is a decision that’s made after considerable thought, after having weighed up all the pros and cons.

Decisions that are measured, are the best way to make decisions. Sadly, when we go on to make any decision without thinking about it, we will make hasty decisions. In some cases, because we’re …

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20 Jun, 2015

Leaving a life behind

When we’re brought up to live, and think a certain way, life isn’t easy. It’s a life with little emotion. With no freedom to make our own choices on life or through our experiences. There may also be times when we’re not sure how to get through, we just know we need to.

It’s only when we come to lose that loved one that we see how our life changes, but it’s not the way we would have chosen to live our life. Now when I look back I struggle to comprehend my life in …

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18 Jun, 2015

Connecting emotionally

Emotional connections are what bonds families, friends and couples. We don’t have to be part of a couple for an emotional connection to be formed, or for it to work, but without any emotional connections, there will be very little holding the relationship up.

So what is an emotional connection?

An emotional connection is a bond, a link that ties something or someone together through a bundle of subjective feelings, but a bond nevertheless that once formed is very difficult to break …

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17 Jun, 2015

CP cannot be overcome

Cerebral Palsy is what I was born with and is what I deal with, but it frustrates me immensely when I read about people who have Cerebral Palsy and think it’s something they will overcome. It’s such false representation of what Cerebral Palsy is.

Cerebral Palsy isn’t something you overcome. It’s something you endure, something you put up with. You can never overcome something that’s permanent. Emotionally we can have a good try, but …

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15 Jun, 2015

Ignoring constructive criticism

Why do we ignore or get cross when someone tries to say something constructive that may help us? If you’re the type of person that doesn’t take to criticism easily, whether it’s constructive or not, you’ll probably struggle with this.

It stands to reason that we will learn more from other people’s suggestions, than we may initially know ourselves. Not everyone will know or manage to work things out the first time around …

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14 Jun, 2015

Supporting ourselves

Unfortunately, the way we come to experience the world around us is as a reflection of the world within us. If our thoughts and energy don’t support our life, then our life will not be supported and must find a way to learn to do it for ourselves.

I have always likened my lack of emotional support to living in a vacuum, emotionally being cut off from an environment that I at least managed to function in. Looking back, I didn’t crave …

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11 Jun, 2015