Truth & anger

It’s amazing how the truth only ever seems to come out when we’re angry about something. It seems to happen every time.

Anger is the catalyst for expressing uncomfortable truths and emotions that are already there, bubbling under the surface. It’s often used as an excuse to say what we feel, but done in the most …

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30 Jul, 2015

Wellness & illness

It doesn’t matter how careful I am, being a premature second twin and having Cerebral Palsy would always mean problems with reflux and digestion. They’re never far away. Even though I am careful with my lifestyle, it’s still easy for me to get caught out. That’s par for the course.

At least I’m not as ill as I used to be, so it’s not all bad, but it still makes living a normal life difficult. I still find it difficult to plan ahead, plan meals that work for me and make sure I have little stress …

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27 Jul, 2015

We are people first

We need to be able to say what we feel. We need to be able to talk about the things that bother us; the things that matter, the things that make us sad and the things that make us angry.

We need to be able to say the things that hurt us, even if it means us hurting someone else. We need to talk about mental health, including depression, even suicide. Mental health is even more …

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26 Jul, 2015

Leading by example

Leading by example. Take the bull by the horns and show others how it’s done, but remember to keep yourself grounded through the process, because it’s easy to get off track.

We set the standards for ourselves, for our families and that’s how we build confidence. With confidence, we demonstrate what we believe in and what we know, through many positive examples …

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24 Jul, 2015

Taking sides

I’m not sure it matters whether you’re the child, the parent, or the grandparent. It’s not something families stop doing and although it’s not something they will consciously encourage, it’s there and is something that still, continues to be part of the family scenario. I’m talking about taking one person’s opinion over another.

Unless we learn to understand the human condition, we will always take sides and sitting on the fence shouldn’t be an option either. It’s something we learn. It is what parents do, it is what children …

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23 Jul, 2015

My lost years

I’ve been watching a few tear-jerking episodes of Davina McCall and Nicky Campbell’s Long-Lost Family series and although I haven’t missed out on knowing my family, not knowing that I had Cerebral Palsy for so many years, makes me feel that part of my own life has been lost.

There is a large chunk of my life that I will never get back, not knowing that I had Cerebral Palsy for 46 years. My frustrations, my anger, being blamed so many times for being angry, without taking …

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22 Jul, 2015