Uses of Aloe Vera Plant

Many of us will be aware of the great soothing properties of Aloe Vera, but the clear gel from the fronds of the aloe plant does much more than soothe a sunburn.

These are just some potential uses of the Aloe Vera plant:

For digestion

Aloe can benefit the digestive system by helping to detoxify the body and relieve common digestive disorders. Aloe gel has natural healing properties due to the large variety of amino acids, enzymes …

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20 Jul, 2015

Dealing with injustice

We’re human, therefore when anyone says something to hurt us, we may take it personally. We will always set ourselves up to feel pain when we take any injustice personally.

That’s not to say it is an injustice, injustice we think is intended for us isn’t always meant to be personal. It may seem like it is, but when it comes to relationships and families, they may not always wittingly …

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19 Jul, 2015

Moral influences

Studies have found that children who are most influenced by the people they have the strongest attachments and respect for, are more likely to copy those individuals’ moral beliefs.

And whilst I believe that to be true, I also believe other considerations will always come into play. While these foundations are the right place to start, other influences and relationships will …

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17 Jul, 2015

Throwing things back

Have you ever had what seems like a normal conversation with someone, but whatever is happening in their life at that time, begins to impact the conversation and suddenly their issues become our issues and responsibility?

We’re not always sure what we’ve said to bring about the confrontation, but we find ourselves having to remember the conversation, just so that we eliminate any wrongdoing on our part. Sadly, there …

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16 Jul, 2015

Not interested in change

I believe the reason why many of us don’t change is because we simply don’t want to, we don’t see the need for change, because we’re usually the ones pointing the finger at others, telling them they’re the ones that need to change.

It’s often the ones who don’t see the need for change that need to change, but it’s not always something we see in ourselves. Where others need to change, if we dig deep there will be things we also need …

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13 Jul, 2015