Unconscious conditioning

Even though we will spend a large proportion of our lives being unconsciously conditioned, we should apply common sense on how we conduct ourselves. Unconscious conditioning shouldn’t be an excuse for not thinking about and applying common sense to all our relationships.

We use our past as a get out clause for how we conduct ourselves presently. How others behave, doesn’t give us the right to treat others in the same way, through unconscious conditioning. Instead, we …

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31 Aug, 2015

Being prepared

It’s true that our formative years don’t always prepare us for the life we have yet to come, particularly if we haven’t had the support, but through maturity and emotional growth, I believe we can adapt.

My sensory processing disorder (“SPD”) compound my problem. Some of the bigger issues, which seem pretty straightforward to someone else, blow up 3 to 5 times more and make what I deal with look and …

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29 Aug, 2015

Trust & deceit

Someone contacted me through my website, asking for advice on trust and deceit, so I thought I’d write a blog about it. I hope this helps.

Trust is the foundation on which relationships are based. Without trust, there is no relationship and where someone’s trust is broken, deceit usually follows. When we come to know one, it’s only a matter of …

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28 Aug, 2015

How to feel happy

There is a misconception about being happy. Being happy isn’t about making other people happy. We don’t just become happy, because we make other people happy.

Being happy is a state of mind. Being happy isn’t about others accepting us. We need to accept ourselves first, before we can even think about feeling happy. To be happy is a soulful journey. Happiness starts with …

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26 Aug, 2015

The universal truth

You could say that a truth is ‘universal’ if it is irrefutably valid and logical, so a universal truth is impossible to deny, and it is the same for everyone. For example, everything we do starts with a single thought.

Some of us may live our lives in denial about what are the universal truths. Perhaps we’re in denial because it’s easier; or perhaps we’re aware the truth may open wounds that are easier left unopened …

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25 Aug, 2015

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