My Cerebral Palsy ignorance

Having missed out on my developmental stages that other children reach without a disability, it is only now that I have come to understand why.

Being ignorant because we don’t understand something is acceptable because we don’t know any better, but being ignorant because we don’t want to know, is not. Not taking the time to help me …

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21 Aug, 2015

Living with humility

There is no doubt in my mind that our past is responsible for shaping the way we see and live our life in the present moment and for some of us that becomes a humbling experience, for others it can be a nightmare.

Regardless of how we grow up and how our lives have been previously shaped, it’s important for us to live our lives with humility, so that we appreciate the little things, the things we often take for …

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19 Aug, 2015

Moving on with Life

The real choice is the choice we make, either to move on with our lives, or live with animosity over a life we didn’t choose. I decided to move on.

The heart of the issue is never what the other person has done, but our reactions to what they’ve done. We can either choose to stay a victim or constructively figure out where we want to go and …

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18 Aug, 2015

How I control stress

When we learn how to control stress, we will automatically feel better about what we deal with and will have better lives.

These are my tips for controlling my own stress:

  • Learn to cultivate and learn to accept patience as part of the bigger picture and put that into perspective, so I always have control;
  • Focus on what you’re trying to do in the present moment, so that your mind isn’t shifting back and forth;
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16 Aug, 2015

The impact of OCD

Having Obsessive Compulsive Disorder isn’t easy, but can be managed. Unfortunately, the obsessions brought about by the disorder not only interfere with everyday social activities, but with family life too. It may also have an affect on our health and success both in school and at work. It has far reaching consequences, if it’s not managed.

My own thoughts are outlined below:

I think once we understand the condition, we’ll know it’s not us going crazy. It’s important for anyone with the condition to research what they deal with, so that they understand how and what they may …

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15 Aug, 2015

Too much exercise

Is there such a thing as too much exercise? The answer to that is yes, there is such a thing as too much exercise. Do you only feel good when you exercise and do you have that feel-good factor when you think about and take part in exercise? If you do, you may have an exercise addiction.

For some of us, exercise is something we probably don’t do enough of, but there is a small minority of us that are compulsive exercisers, even if we’re not aware. Thirty minutes of moderate daily exercise …

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13 Aug, 2015

Finding an understanding

I spend my life looking for understanding, because without understanding I struggle. That when we come to understand what we’re dealing with, we take away the confusion and bring in more clarity.

Without understanding, we limit our vision and the possibilities of how our lives can potentially turn out. Without understanding, our capacity to learn becomes limited; without understanding knowledge …

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12 Aug, 2015