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A quote by James Joyce

30 Sep

Something inspirational:

“Mistakes are the portals of discovery.”


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Our internal workings

29 Sep

Unless we deal with our emotional cognitive framework, which comprises our emotional understanding of the world, other people and ourselves, what we try to achieve outwardly will never work.

We can never expect to make headway, make important decisions without dealing with our emotions first. It is our emotions that govern our behaviour; how we communicate; what we think …

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Another revelation

28 Sep

There isn’t a day go by, where I’m not having to piece something together based on my Cerebral Palsy diagnosis. Often from nowhere, a conversation will bring a new understanding into the equation and that’s another piece of the jigsaw fixed.

Listening to a friend talk, whose son has learning difficulties, it soon dawned on me that everything she was saying about him sounded familiar that she was talking about me too. That some of his …

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Time & explanations

27 Sep

Something inspirational:

“Don’t waste your time with explanations: people only hear what they want to hear.”


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A question of spite

26 Sep

I was an angry child, but I wasn’t malicious or spiteful, nor did I have a desire to hurt, or be mean to anyone. It wasn’t my way to be motivated by spite. Underneath the exterior was a kind and caring child that was angry, desperately needing support.

I have known people in my life who do spiteful things, who are malicious. It’s hard to believe why people would go out of their way to inconvenience or emotionally harm other people and why …

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Choosing to act

25 Sep

Choose to act. Don’t wait until the mood feels right, because that never happens. Don’t give up when you’re only part way through.

You owe it to yourself to finish what you started. Don’t get stuck, or spiral into what could potentially be a very long rut. Ask yourself why you feel stuck and be honest, instead of coming up with excuses …

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In the perfect order

24 Sep

Something inspirational:

“Know that everything is in perfect order whether you understand it or not.”


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Thinking to fail

23 Sep

On average we talk ourselves into thinking we’re going to fail, more than we think we’re going to succeed and continue to live our lives like that.

It takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile, but smiling has more benefits than frowning, so why not smile any way? Perhaps there’s a different way we can look at failing then …

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Yesterday & tomorrow

22 Sep

Our past should be a stepping-stone to building a better future. By bringing painful memories from our past into our present, we not only bring back memories we would rather leave behind, but will also go on to create disease through stress of carrying those painful memories. I have seen that happen.

I use my own past as a reference point on how I can do things better, how not to do things so I can create a better world around me, so that I’m happy. Without a reference point to a painful past, we …

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A Gita Bellin quote

21 Sep

Something inspirational:

“Every issue, belief, attitude or assumption is precisely the issue that stands between you and your relationship to another human being and between you and yourself.”


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