Being defensive

If we listened and understood how other people felt instead of becoming defensive, we’d certainly lighten the load without being defensive and bitter all the time.

If someone says something to us, it’s often because they care, not because they’re wanting to have a go at us, unless we’ve said something first to them and they’re using retaliation as a means of communication …

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19 Sep, 2015

My survival guide

These are my tips that are a culmination of years of practice that have are my sanctuary. They lessen my stress and allow me to focus so I get the job done. I hope they help you too.

  • There is always a different way to look at what you’re struggling with. It’s an attitude thing;
  • Adjust the attitude and mood. It’s the attitude and moods that let you down;
  • We think we’re not always capable of learning. We are. We may just need to find a different way to learn;
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17 Sep, 2015

Warming up & cooling down

There is no doubt that time spent on warming up and cooling down before and after exercise will improve performance and aid in the recovery process. Anyone who takes part in formal exercise must regard the warm up and cool down routines as an essential part of the training session itself.

Muscle stiffness after exercise, is often thought to be directly related to muscle injury and therefore warm up exercises …

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14 Sep, 2015

Righting a wrong

There’s one thing living a dysfunctional life, but whatever our dysfunctional life, we must choose not to leave this world in the same dysfunctional way, by righting a wrong (or a lifetime of wrongs) with our loved ones.

I recently watched a film called The Judge about a dysfunctional family and although the father and son, played by Robert Duvall and Robert Downey Jr. showed all the dysfunctional family …

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13 Sep, 2015

Dealing with uncertainty

Uncertainty almost always comes when we fail to deal with our issues. Issues that clearly need dealing with; issues that don’t surface as initial worries, but that lie dormant in our unconscious.

Not only will we then have uncertainties to deal with, but we will also have stress to deal with pertaining to the uncertainty that surrounds us. Although I have always had stress and stressful situations …

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11 Sep, 2015