Dealing with issues

We can never have enough tips on how to deal with stress, brought about by some of those issues we have to deal with. It’s important to find and understand what works for us and stick with the winning formula.

I use the following to reduce stressful issues:

Stand back

So that you’re looking at the whole picture. When we stand back we allow ourselves to think about the whole issue instead of …

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30 Oct, 2015

Creating success

People don’t always consciously think about success, but will often look for ways to be successful. If we were to think about success in this way, we will have already failed through the pressures of thinking we need to succeed and being worried that we wouldn’t.

How we choose to deal with our issues is the key to success, but to do that we need to maintain a positive mental attitude, be willing to work hard and not let any form of discouragement stop us from …

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29 Oct, 2015

Advice or lecture

Advice versus lecture, it’s a tough call but what’s the difference between the two? Having grown up in a controlling environment, any advice I got was always done in the form of a lecture.

Giving advice should always come from a place of care from people who care, but unless it’s given in a conciliatory way, advice often takes the form of control. Advice should be given in the form of …

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27 Oct, 2015

Being gracious

With no support and dealing with physical and emotional problems, as a child my attitude was far from graceful. I didn’t emotionally equate or understand back then why I was so angry.

It would go on to take many years for my father to tell a close family member that underneath the exterior he always knew there was a kind and caring child, waiting to come out. It’s a shame he …

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26 Oct, 2015

How things go

There are so many things in our lives that we either have no control over, or fail to anticipate so they just happen. Because of those things, we will have very limited understanding and without understanding we will find those things difficult to accept. Perhaps if we begin to look at things differently, we will understand more than we think.

If we understand that there will always be certain things happen that we will never come to understand, we’re more likely to find acceptance on those things, like why good people die early and the …

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23 Oct, 2015

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