Toxic behaviour

Toxic people may not inherently be bad people, but they’re clearly not the people we would want to spend our free time with. When it comes to toxic behaviour, not all toxic people are uncaring or agonising on purpose, although I can see why we think that they are, particularly if we’re the ones on the receiving end.

Toxic people can show good intentions, but their needs and way of existing in the world, will often force our hand and can compromise our happiness. As hard as that is, we must give ourselves healthy …

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21 Oct, 2015

What I have learned

Life and the universe teaches us the most incredible things, so long as we choose and continue to see the things that are presented to us.

Over the years and looking back, I have learned that even through the darkest times, I have come to see the moments that we’re full of promise. That no matter how difficult life seemed, there was …

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18 Oct, 2015

What we’re told

What people want to tell us is often what we’re told, but for those of us who instinctively know that what we’re being told doesn’t add up, it can make those circumstances rather awkward.

It’s usually a little white lie that gets us off the hook with no repercussions and for the most part it’s completely harmless. So how do we deal with those who feel it’s acceptable to tell us what they …

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17 Oct, 2015

Unpredictable sensory issues

It’s always scary when my sensory issues become unpredictable. They make the issues that I deal with much more difficult, because I don’t always know how to deal with them.

I can be okay with one thing one day and then at any time during the course of the early morning, be woken up with panic in my stomach about that very thing that I seemed to be okay with the day …

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15 Oct, 2015

What would you change?

If you had the opportunity to turn back the clock what would you change? I suppose to answer that question depends at what point in our life we’re asked and how we feel about our past.

If you asked me that same question 7 or 8 years ago, I would have had given you a different answer, but realistically I’m not sure that if any of us turned back the clocks things would change, or we’d …

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14 Oct, 2015

Selfless parenting

Even though we all grow up with our own insecurities, it’s important to parent children in a way we would want to have been parented ourselves, even if that didn’t happen.

When we get the parenting thing wrong, history always repeats itself. As a parent and speaking for myself, most of us will try to give our children the emotional stability they need, so that their children …

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12 Oct, 2015