Dealing with the whole

Trying to cure part without looking at the whole, could be compared to a chair without a leg and a lamp without a shade. They go together.

Success comes when we’re looking at the whole of something in its entirety, not the half. Half of something means we could end up with a conclusion that we didn’t anticipate, and therefore won’t be right …

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30 Nov, 2015

A better understanding

We will fail to get on with others without a mutual understanding between us. We can’t have a mature conversation when the person we’re trying to reason with is generally irritable, not in the mood, or simply irritated by something we’ve said.

It doesn’t mean what we said undermined how they felt. It’ll be what they’re feeling at that time, coming into play. What we say can emotionally tip them over the edge. Life’s a bit like that, but with …

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28 Nov, 2015

Emotional eating

We’re struggling to cope, everything’s wrong, nothing’s right. We need a pickup, something that makes us feel better, something that bridges the gap, so we reach for the biscuit tin. We know it isn’t healthy, but it makes us feel better, right?

Emotional eating is a way we right what’s wrong and although we know it’s bad for our health, it means we’ll pile on the pounds. Whether we’re using emotional eating as a way of satisfying feelings of stress …

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27 Nov, 2015

Maintaining my health

Most of us will work on our health as a precautionary measure so that we don’t get ill.  It’s a constant battle but I have constantly work on my health so that I make sure I stay well.

My health isn’t and has never been just a precautionary measure. I have to continually maintain my health now so that I don’t get ill later. If I didn’t maintain my health, I’d be dealing …

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25 Nov, 2015

My auditory perceptions

I am learning a little more now about how my learning disabilities play out and why I struggle mentally with certain issues. Through my understanding of those issues and with reference to explanations throughout this new book, I will now hopefully have more clarity on what I deal with.

I deal with ‘auditory perception difficulties,’ which means I find it difficult to process explanations and directions. Where memory is essential for us to hold information long enough to make …

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24 Nov, 2015


It would be easy for us to hold a grudge because of everything we’ve had to deal with, but what would be the point? When we hold a grudge, we hope the pain we feel is felt by the person we have a grudge against. It’s the nature of what a grudge is.

Holding a grudge doesn’t make us feel any better about ourselves, neither does a grudge make us or our circumstances any better. A grudge doesn’t help us change anything. All a grudge does is make us …

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22 Nov, 2015

Aluminium & Alzheimer’s

A new study carried out by Keele University in the UK has confirmed high levels of aluminium in the brain of an individual who was exposed to aluminium at work and who later went on to die from Alzheimer’s disease.

The Keele study claims to be the first direct link between Alzheimer’s disease and elevated brain aluminium following occupational exposure, with mounting evidence to suggest that chronic …

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21 Nov, 2015

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