The grieving process

Perhaps the grieving process shouldn’t just be about mourning the person we lose, but the same process should be applied to other areas of our life.

The job we lost out on or go on to lose, or in my case, the diagnosis I didn’t get. The upbringing we craved for and wish we had. The failed relationships we wish we could have handled differently …

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19 Dec, 2015

Passive & obedient

I was a passive and obedient child. Looking back now of course I didn’t quite understand what they both meant, but that’s exactly what I was. I had very little choice in my life.

I wasn’t taught how to respond to people and people in authority. One of the biggest dilemmas for any parent is how they teach their children to respond. There’s an art to how we deal with …

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17 Dec, 2015

Piecing my history together

Since I was never told that I had Cerebral Palsy it would always be up to me to try to put the pieces of the jigsaw together, through my experiences, consultations with one or two Neurologists and from obtaining copies of my childhood medical records.

Yesterday I was re-looking over my medical records so that I could gain a better insight into my medical history. I know from the correspondence between my Consultant and General Practitioner …

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16 Dec, 2015

Ups & downs

We can’t have ups without downs, a negative without a positive, a good without a bad, so perhaps that’s the way we need to look at life too.

Our excitement wouldn’t be excitement without understanding our struggles before we get to be excited. Life is full of ups and downs, but we tend to equate the downs more than we do the …

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14 Dec, 2015

Exercise & mental health

Exercise isn’t just about keeping us physically in shape, it’s also about our mental health. I believe it’s even more important than the physical, because without mental health, there is no physical health.

Exercise releases chemicals called Endorphins that make us feel good and it’s the feeling good that helps with self-esteem. Exercise not only improves our mental health …

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13 Dec, 2015