Turning our backs

The hard part is knowing when it’s time to turn your back on something or someone. There are two trains of thought here. Understanding what we’re turning our backs on and when it is time to give up.

If it’s someone we’re struggling with and they’re continually making us stressed, then it is right to walk away. However, much we try to help others, unless they want our help, they may not accept help. Not …

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31 Jan, 2016

Non-recognised milestones

I realise that not only did I miss out on my milestones growing up, because my I struggled to learn, I also struggled to reach my milestones associated with adolescence, maturity and the emotions one associates with milestones.

Also, the part of my brain that is damaged also controls the emotions, so everything from what I feel to what I think, to my understanding of what I feel is affected. ‘My emotions are extensively damaged …

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30 Jan, 2016

A common-sense approach

A common-sense approach to what we deal with is common sense. Based on the approach we take, it’s standing back, it’s the voice in our head that tells us to listen. By listening to our thoughts, we do what makes common sense, for us to sort our problems out.

Life has a way of throwing a curve ball, but we should learn to fix what we can, even if the curve ball isn’t initially ours. There is …

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28 Jan, 2016

Denial and the truth

Food for thought: Being in denial doesn’t hide the truth, nor does it mean that what we’re in denial about will never happen. Being in denial means we live behind a façade, where we’re in denial on the things we’re choosing to ignore, but unconsciously know those things will happen. It is inevitable that the things we’re in denial about, will happen whether …

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27 Jan, 2016

A bad attitude

It doesn’t matter what we say, or how conciliatory we are towards others, there will always be someone we come across, who thinks it’s acceptable to have a bad attitude towards us.

Those with a bad attitude may always assume there is something wrong with others, but never with themselves. Any problem they have is usually down to someone else. They’re simply not willing to help, improve …

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25 Jan, 2016

Fix things

I used to know someone who instead of trying to fix his problems, would constantly moan about them. Personally, I can’t see the attraction.

If we were to spend less time moaning about our problems and more time on fixing our problems, we would have less stress to deal with. If we know something isn’t working or hasn’t worked, then we should …

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24 Jan, 2016

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