Family flaws

There are as many different kinds of families, in the same way there are people that are different. Perhaps that’s what makes us flawed? It seems to be the nature of how some families work. How some families see themselves, how they see each other and how they interact with each other, or not interact, as the case may be.

It has long been assumed that people who grow up in good families with loving parents will turn out to be good, just as it’s assumed that children who grow up in bad families will turn out to be …

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17 Jan, 2016

Good moral values

We all have and live by different moral values, codes of conduct if you like, which can either be the making or the breaking of us, individually and combined.

Incorporating good morals and values into our everyday lives will always give us clarity and focus, but we must continue to live with and abide by those values. Those same values will also go on to give us positive …

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14 Jan, 2016

We determine our experiences

The way we look at life determines our thoughts and experiences and we are responsible for both. The bigger picture will always present us with an opportunity to change the way we see the world and what we deal with, but to do that we must first cut through the belief system we have created for ourselves.

Unfortunately, the limits we have are the ones we create and place on ourselves. Because we fail to explore the possibilities that lie beyond our initial thoughts, we block further possibilities of finding …

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12 Jan, 2016