Learning to like ourselves

How many of us actually like ourselves and if we don’t like ourselves, how can we be honest with ourselves? Unless we learn to like ourselves, like the skin we’re in, we will never be honest with ourselves. The more we like ourselves, the more honest with ourselves we will be, the more open and honest with others we will be. That’s how it usually works.

We need to go back to basics, back to the beginning where it all started, how we got to this place; through our childhood, what makes us tick, what makes us, us because in reality all of those things …

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27 Feb, 2016


Being self-critical stems from our core beliefs which, unless corrected, will continue. But how many of us are aware that each time we say something we’re being critical, or even self-critical?  Therefore, we shouldn’t take offence if someone points out that is what we’re doing.

In the early days negativity wasn’t something I was consciously aware of, but the older I got the more I became aware of where my negativity was coming from. Childhood can sometimes be a breeding …

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25 Feb, 2016

The right tone

I’m not sure how many of us are aware of our responses when we talk or communicate with others, but this is something we could all improve on. How we respond, or speak to others is the most important thing we will do.

When we engage in defensive behaviour that’s destructive, others will feel threatened. Bad tones are designed to ward a person off from admiting responsibility for something they’ve done that they …

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22 Feb, 2016