When schools get it wrong

Congratulations to Kate Winslet on her BAFTA Win 2016. In her post BAFTA Speech to the press, Kate revealed that at the age of 14 she was told by a Drama Teacher “I might do okay if I was happy to settle for the fat girl parts.”

And I thought it just happened to me! Seriously, what has fat got to do with talent and just because we’re fat, how does that equate to us not being a success in life, particularly if we have talent …

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17 Feb, 2016

Stress & negativity

It’s been quite a while since I wrote a more personal blog. It’s no secret that I have always struggled with negativity, couple that with sensory processing issues and it’s an even bigger nightmare. It helps when I can get my thoughts out because then in my mind, I know I’m not alone.

It takes a lot of effort for me to move negative thoughts away. I go back to when I was a child and think about how difficult those times were. It would take me weeks, months even years to change …

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16 Feb, 2016

A life with integrity

If I could impress upon others to incorporate one value in their life to live by, the value would be integrity. Integrity should be the backbone to humanity because it gives our lives purpose.

It makes for good character, which is vitally important. When we use integrity consistently, it becomes the norm and part of who we are. When we have integrity we’re honest and have strong …

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15 Feb, 2016

In a funk

Unfortunately, we don’t always journey through life without a care in the world. Things happen along the way that changes the status quo and changes us. I wish we could, but we’d all be different people then.

In times of stress we may feel flat, disconnected. We may struggle to focus and struggle to function. We’re emotionally stuck, we’re in a funk. We must come to understand our disconnection …

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13 Feb, 2016

Sensory Processing Disorder

“A child with sensory issues has responses to experiences that are way out of proportion, consistently showing behaviors that can’t be dismissed.”

I was intending to put a quote on the site today, but felt compelled to write about this first. The above explanation of Sensory Processing Disorder, bests describes what I have to deal with …

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10 Feb, 2016