The knowing Universe

The universe knows us more than we know ourselves. Although consciously I never gave the universe a thought as a child, unconsciously I always knew there was something bigger out there, something bigger than myself.

Now when I look back, I realise that the life I’ve had has shaped and defined my life. My blog wouldn’t exist without it. All possibilities happen through Divine Timing, the idea that everything happens at its …

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31 Mar, 2016

A recruitment drive

I am both humbled and amazed at the success of the Diary and would love to have more contributors to add to the wonderful support I get from my existing contributors on The CP Diary website forum.

Come join the conversation and respond alongside other people, to unique written daily blogs, relating to health and wellbeing …

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29 Mar, 2016

Understanding the caring

There comes a time when we know the people who genuinely care, because their actions show they care. Then there are those who say they care, but their actions show a different understanding of what caring means.

It is only when we come to understand that fact that we can emotionally change our perceptions to keep ourselves happier and healthier. At the end of the day, as with any relationship, it’s up to us whether …

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28 Mar, 2016

A simpler existence

It’s hard to imagine life in the slow lane given our busy lives, but it needs to happen, if we are to lead a simple existence. A life homing in on the simple more harmonious things, will help us to cut down on stress.

When we learn to slow down, we will feel happier and more relaxed in ourselves. As we begin to feel we’re slowing down, we’ll begin to engage more with the right people and will start to connect more with …

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26 Mar, 2016

Personal Boundaries

Our personal boundaries are the boundaries we work our lives around. It’s the boundaries we create for ourselves that we expect others to abide by.

We have personal boundaries, but others may ignore them. Boundaries are there to tell others what they can and can’t expect from us and what we expect from them. Personal boundaries are usually put …

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25 Mar, 2016

Snobbish behaviour

The world is made up of different people. Some are tall, some are small. Some are tolerant, some have no tolerance at all. Some are kind, some are unkind. Some are humble, others may be snobbish, where they feel they’re a cut above the rest.

They think their outlook, their job, or their clothes are simply better than ours. The truth is their outlook, their clothes and their jobs are no better than ours, they’re just different. Just because someone else’s …

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23 Mar, 2016

My choice

Having cerebral palsy is like riding on a run-away train, driver-less and out of control with no way to get off and heading towards a destination that I can neither see, nor have a choice as to where the journey will take me.

With my disability, I don’t have a choice, because neurologically, physically and emotionally my life is centred around cerebral palsy. There will be challenges ahead, but as I come to understand what those …

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22 Mar, 2016

Pre-order my new book

Many thanks
Ilana x