Secondary effects of CP

Being born with cerebral palsy meant that I would always have to deal with a wide-ranging variety of secondary conditions as part of the condition. These very much depend on the extent of the impairment and which part of the brain is damaged. I deal with some, but not all these conditions.

Secondary examples are outlined below:

  • Deformed bones and joints;
  • Sleeping issues;
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31 May, 2016

Feeling unwell

It seems a very long time since I did a more personal blog. On the back of feeling unwell with a cold, I’ve cancelled my arrangements for today. The phlegm from my cold has now gone on to my chest.

It doesn’t matter how many supplements I take, I get to the point that as soon as I am beginning to feel unwell, all of …

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30 May, 2016


It’s easy for animosity to grow against the people who could and should have supported us, so that our lives are made easier, but didn’t. No one starts off feeling animosity without just cause. It usually comes in on the back of an injustice that fails to be corrected.

Our feelings of animosity are usually down to another person’s inability to see how they’ve behaved towards us, but for us to handle it, we must first detach our emotions. What they’ve done to us …

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28 May, 2016

Thinking a different way

We can’t always know what will happen just before it happens, but that doesn’t stop us thinking we know. As we start to invent possible scenarios in our mind of the things that could happen, we begin to stress more because we aren’t quite sure how we’re going to deal with those things.

Some of the time we may be right with our thoughts, other times we may be wrong, but if we just choose to …

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26 May, 2016

Keeping control

It’s one thing being shown or being told what to do, when we’re struggling to understand how to do something, but it’s another thing being controlled by others and yet sadly that is exactly what happens.

It’s almost expected, or we allow it to happen unconsciously because we don’t know how to say no. Any decisions or outcomes in our life should be ours to make and yet in reality they’re not …

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24 May, 2016

Exercise & food

Whether you’re exercising for fun, exercising to keep fit, or you’re an athlete, what you eat could make your next work out better. Food plays a part in our exercise routine.

Generally speaking, eating right helps us feel more energised, but when it comes to exercise the food we eat can contribute to a successful workout. So which foods should we avoid, which are best and …

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23 May, 2016

Handling ourselves

I believe that not handling ourselves emotionally will lead to a lot more stress than we bargained for. In my formative years, it wasn’t so much that I didn’t deal with my emotions.

Being angry meant my emotions were dealt with, although slightly misplaced, but had the emotional support have been in place, I would have handled myself better. Emotions are scary and because …

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22 May, 2016

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