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A Ronald Reagan quote

30 Jun

Something inspirational:

“We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.”


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The EU vote shouldn’t count

29 Jun

Because of its impact, I’ve been feeling a little bit sick since the UK referendum voted to leave the EU. Speaking with others today, it’s clear I’m not alone.

I’m not here to comment on which way other people decided to vote last week, but in the last few days the public has learned that the referendum campaigns were run on the basis of misleading …

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Expectations & falling short

28 Jun

If we don’t come to expect, we will never be disappointed when our expectations of other people fail or fall short.

We all have and deal with expectations, particularly expectations of others. Expectations are part of life’s rich tapestry of course, but it’s only when others let us down and we end up dealing with …

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Adversity & resilience

27 Jun

When we come to deal with and overcome adversity, we can start to build resilience and strength of character. All challenges and difficulties we confront and overcome, serve to strengthen our confidence and ability to conquer future difficulties.

It is only when we come to respond positively to some of our biggest challenges that we find the strength, perseverance and courage to dig deep inside of us. Although adversity challenges us …

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Inside out

26 Jun

Something inspirational:

“Get the inside right. The outside will fall into place.”


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The modern world

25 Jun

Unfortunately, the world I grew up in isn’t the world my children are growing up in, when it comes to the modern world and technology.

In a way it’s not altogether bad that we live in a technological world, but it’s not an altogether good thing either, because it has changed the way children interact with others. Although technology has …

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Coffee Panna Cotta

24 Jun

Coffee Panna Cotta with Raspberry Coulis

‘Recipe supplied by Michelle Smarty’



1 ½ cups heavy cream in divided form

1 envelope unflavored gelatin …

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A late diagnosis

23 Jun

Finding out later in your 40’s that you have Cerebral Palsy isn’t the same as finding out at the age of 2 to 3 years old.

When we’re diagnosed with something as a child we have our lives ahead of us to come to understand and adapt, to be able to deal with the condition and that helps us find an acceptance, even if …

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A Shri Radhe Maa quote

22 Jun

Something inspirational:

“The true value of a gift is the sentiment behind the gifting.”


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Being insensitive

21 Jun

No matter what we say, other people’s reactions to us  somehow don’t seem warranted. They either make us feel inferior, belittle us, are overly critical and can seem cold and aloof. They’re insensitive.

How an insensitive person communicates with others, is how they communicate with themselves. When we deal with something, we’re also less likely to be sensitive to other people’s wants …

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