Step Aerobics

Step aerobics is an easy exercise routine that can be enjoyed by all ages, as long as you can balance and co-ordinate movement comfortably. It only requires a step bench for equipment and a good pair of shoes or trainers.

A bench may be anywhere from six inches to twelve inches in height. It’s important to make sure it’s sturdyand provides …

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20 Jun, 2016

Moving the boundaries

Personal boundaries are what we create to identify what is reasonable and safe, what we will allow. When it comes to our boundaries, most of us will have a sense of right and wrong, what’s deemed appropriate and what isn’t, around our own personal space.

There are individuals of course who just don’t seem to care, or in some cases know or understand. When it comes to boundaries, it’s important how others behave towards us and how we respond back …

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19 Jun, 2016

Our toxic lives

Being the recipient of another person’s toxic behaviour will make your life toxic. When another person controls, is critical, or goes on to make decisions for you, you know you’re living a toxic life.

A toxic relationship is having little to no control over our lives. Being dependent on someone else is also a sign of a toxic life. For some of us, recognising toxicity isn’t obvious, I’m not sure we really …

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17 Jun, 2016

A different way to think

I believe it takes a different thought process for us to feel at ease with what we have to deal with. For me it was even harder to transition into something I knew nothing about, particularly as the symptoms I had to deal with still existed, regardless of whether I understand their origin or what those symptoms are.

Moving on, any condition we deal with, won’t just affect the person with the condition. Anyone we come into contact will also have to deal with the condition. Fast forward, perhaps the best way …

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16 Jun, 2016

Self-doubt & self-belief

Unfortunately, self-doubt will not only affect our character and the way we live our lives, but it will also eat into our very core, into our soul.

It also has power over us until we take its power back, zap our confidence and take away reason and logic from our thinking and turn what little confidence we have into fear and insecurity. Self-doubt …

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15 Jun, 2016

The importance of relaxation

As we go about our daily lives the last thing we think about is relaxing, but we should probably at least try to incorporate some form of relaxation into our day.

We tend to use relaxation as a last resort, usually when we’re ill and we have to slow down. The ‘fight or flight’ response as it’s known, is often brought about by stress and stressful circumstances …

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13 Jun, 2016

The sun & skin cancer

No tan is a healthy tan. New guidance from the National Institute for Health Care and Excellence, (NICE) warns that there is no safe or healthy way to get a tan from sunlight.

The health watchdog’s latest guidance also suggests that an existing tan provides little protection against new sun exposure. It also recommends we use a minimum of factor 15-sun cream …

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12 Jun, 2016

Nursing myself to health

The sad reality for me is that the older I get the harder it is to come back from illness and I’m not sure how in the long term I’ll cope with it. Being a second twin, premature and having Cerebral Palsy are considered common factors.

My biggest hurdle is and has always been respiratory problems. It’s easy for me to get caught out and is usually the first thing to go when I’m ill or stressed. Coming back from respiratory problems …

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11 Jun, 2016