Dealing with shock

Dealing with shock isn’t something I’d like to experience again in my lifetime, but looking back, it was helpful to know how shock felt, so that I could recognise the signs again if I needed to and so that I could deal with a new situation differently. At the time I didn’t understand that I was dealing with shock.

Unfortunately, shock is something that can leave us in a state of panic and disbelief, numb and with a slight hint of disorientation, not knowing what to think or feel or how to even function. It’s easy to …

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31 Jul, 2016

Having gratitude

When we’re thankful for being able to experience and appreciate what we have, without a bad word directed at another, not only will we value our experiences more, but we will learn to live with and have gratitude.

Not only for what we have and what we can do for others, but for what others do for us. Gratitude is the quality of being thankful, a readiness for us to show appreciation and in return for us …

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30 Jul, 2016

Why we’re never satisfied

We tend to stretch and adjust our lives as we go along so that we reach our goals, but then inevitably we want more. We’re never satisfied.

Perhaps that’s one of the reasons why we’re never satisfied. We can be satisfied, but that very much depends on us changing our perceptions. We must settle on a different viewpoint, find a different …

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27 Jul, 2016

Actions speak louder

Actions speak louder than words. Something my mum periodically quoted that the majority of us will fail to reach anywhere near the podium, as our words tend to speak louder than our actions, with no intentions of an action in sight.

We’re masters at talking the talk, but nowhere near that when it comes to walking the walk, acting on what we say. But there’s no point in talking, if we’re not prepared to act. Whatever we say …

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25 Jul, 2016

How the emotions work

As a child I spent my life observing my emotions. It was my way of righting a wrong, a way for me to understand my life and for me to understand that I didn’t need to copy other people’s emotional behaviour.

So how do the emotions work?

It is the psyche that is responsible for our emotions, thoughts and behaviour. It is the totality of the human mind, unconscious and conscious. It controls our response patterns to our environment …

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22 Jul, 2016