Critical evaluation

As I child, I trusted my parents and didn’t stop to question whether what they thought was best for me was the best, but as children I’m not sure we’re equipped anyway.

It’s not that I didn’t trust them, but I needed to trust myself more. I needed to consider how valid and reliable their information was, what the merits were and whether the information being presented …

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21 Jul, 2016

Opinions & opinions

Perhaps we need to simply convey empathy, compassion and tolerance, instead of passing our opinion. For many people, life is often centred on what they have to deal with, particularly on something like brain damage.

It must also be difficult for those who are born normally, then have something happen, for them to have to adapt into something that physically and emotionally changes them and their …

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19 Jul, 2016

Acknowledging emotional pain

To heal emotional pain, we need to first acknowledge we have it, but where that may seem obvious some of us are not always aware of what that pain is, whilst others are in denial they have any. That what they feel has nothing to do with them, their past, or life experiences.

That isn’t true of course. We all will have varying degrees of emotional pain or trauma in our energy field. Some of us might be aware of what those are, but others may not know, primarily because …

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17 Jul, 2016

Cerebral Palsy parenting

Although a study by Newcastle University in 2007 suggests that children with cerebral palsy tend not to suffer a diminished quality of life, I would think it all depends on our parents and family as a whole, because this is where emotional support starts.

It is important for any child with cerebral palsy to have the input and support in the same way other children do. We need to have the parental and sibling relationship, the psychological wellbeing and …

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14 Jul, 2016

What we want

What we want for others won’t work, unless they want those things for themselves. They have to want to help themselves and that needs to happen if they’re to live their lives and do more than just exist.

People are reluctant to help themselves because they’re not always sure how or where to start. They’re afraid of the unknown, the apprehension that comes with change. They’re also often in denial …

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13 Jul, 2016