Living life with purpose

If we’re fortunate enough to have support that helps us live our lives with purpose, we will always think about how we can make our lives better. If we’re never encouraged to think outside the box, to think about our life and what we want from it, we may never get to the place where we’re aware of what we’re capable of.

What drives us as an adult is different to what drives us as a child, unless that purpose is already within us. I know how good my blogs make me feel. Unconsciously, I had the same feeling …

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31 Aug, 2016

Positive Communication

It matters that how we say what we say resonates with people in positive ways. When we disregard another person’s healthy emotional pathway and instead use pull downs to communicate, it says a lot about us and where we are with our own emotions.

It is important that if we want other people’s words to be loving and encouraging back towards us, our words must be …

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30 Aug, 2016

An early memory

I have an early memory of looking in the mirror and checking the curves on my back. Even then I knew something wasn’t right, when my shoulders were extended and straight, my back wasn’t.

I would constantly stand and tilt myself around, so that I could see my back in the mirror. Although I had a slight suspicion about the curvature, I dismissed it, because it had never been mentioned, so I assumed …

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28 Aug, 2016

Stress & truth

There is often a correlation between stress and the truth but that when we’re at our most stressed we blurt the truth out. Perhaps that is exactly what is needed, we’ve just never had the courage to do it.

Perhaps somewhere in our subconscious, we’ve already made the correlation that stress and truth are inextricably linked, it’s just that we are guarded on how we feel. It’s not that our thoughts aren’t there …

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27 Aug, 2016

Feel what you feel

We hide behind different guises. We’re good at disguising, hiding emotional pain that comes from negative beliefs brought about by a person, or a particular situation. Those different guises are fear induced.

We’re afraid that if we show our vulnerability, we’ll be letting our guard down and that makes us look weak. That’s not true, because when we open up and show others we’re dealing with our …

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26 Aug, 2016

Healing through reflection

Reflection is a process that allows us to create an internal space for exploring traumatic experiences that have hurt and continue to hurt us. Reflection works better when we practise it on our own and is a good way for us to explore our internal dialogue.

Reflection is also a good way for us to explore our differences in a group situation. When used in that way, it allows others to mediate with us, to they say what they feel, for us to listen and then for them to …

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23 Aug, 2016

Disability & isolation

Although I never knew what was wrong with me as a child, I found myself working on internal dialogue in the hope that being positive would one day allow me to find out what I had been dealing with for years.

Because my physical difficulties were always present, it made thinking about anything else extremely difficult. I knew back then that there was no muscle tone in both my left leg or foot …

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22 Aug, 2016