The Golden Rule & success

The Golden Rule or law of reciprocity is something our parents would quote, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Perhaps the rule was based on the universal principles that what you put out there you get back. The principle of treating anyone as you would wish to be treated yourself, is very much how it …

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29 Sep, 2016

Forewarned & empowered

Although ‘forewarned is forearmed,’ means knowing about something before it happens so we can be prepared for it, I feel the same way about finding out that I had Cerebral Palsy, albeit a little late. For me it was retrospective.

The moment I found out what I was dealing with, I became more informed. For the first time it meant I could put a name to something I didn’t know I had. It empowered me, it has helped change …

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28 Sep, 2016

Coercive control

It’s usual to have a disagreement, or not to agree with your partner. It’s usual to have an opinion to the point of not being swayed. Those are usual traits of a normal healthy relationship, but when are the boundaries crossed so that the relationship goes from one that is healthy to one that isn’t?

Abuse comes in many guises. It could be a word, or a sentence. It could be a high-pitched voice to the point where we lose control. Abuse in the form of control is known as coercive control …

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27 Sep, 2016

My emotional growth

The way it usually happens, is that we learn through growing up and maturity everything there is to know about ourselves, ready to embark on new relationships.

We learn about our likes and dislikes, what irritates us, what makes us laugh, what makes us happy and what makes us sad, what makes us, us. We become independent thinkers, independent in …

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25 Sep, 2016


Although our lives are mapped out for us long before we’re born, we do have freewill to make certain changes once we’re here.

Freewill is the power of acting without the constraints of fate or necessity, the ability for us to act on our own discretion. Freewill allows us to make our own choices, live independently, become …

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24 Sep, 2016

Say what you feel

Do we say what’s really irritating us, are we honest about how we feel? Problems will always arise when we’re not really being honest about how we feel and instead choose to avoid the subject altogether. Honesty pays, is the best policy and puts trust between people.

It not only makes relationships more open and transparent but also saves problems further down the line by avoiding those mandatory fall outs. Being honest helps us avoid untimely …

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23 Sep, 2016