Judgment & non-diagnosis

I know that had I have known what was wrong with me all those years ago, I wouldn’t have been judged on my lack of ability and what others thought I should be able to do.

Getting through school was difficult enough, but school wasn’t the only place where me being judged took place. When someone knows what you deal with, diagnosis aside, they work within the …

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20 Sep, 2016

Plank exercises

The plank has many benefits and is one of the best exercises for core conditioning. It works glutes and hamstrings, supports posture, and improves balance.

If you’ve never tried one, a plank may look easy, but it’s deceiving. While getting into the proper form is straightforward, holding the position takes strength and endurance in your abs, back and …

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17 Sep, 2016

Evaluating anger

Although being angry can make us irritable, changes our personality and the thought process that deals with our emotions, being angry may also means we set ourselves up to fail.

Why we’re angry is inconsequential to the anger itself, but anger isn’t always who we are, it’s who we become. Anger is its own karma. If we deliberately set out with intent to deceive or are malicious …

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15 Sep, 2016

The need to be proactive

I haven’t always been strong, determined or confident. Truth be known, growing up I was the complete opposite. I needed to stop relying on others where I wasn’t getting the help and rely on myself instead.

As a child I lost my way, but my thoughts would continually keep me occupied. It wasn’t until I came out of therapy because it wasn’t working that I realised I was literally on my own. I needed my life to …

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13 Sep, 2016

Ability & education

I remember a conversation that took place years ago with a relative who thought that being born to uneducated parents meant their children would also go on to be uneducated.

Whilst I agree unless parent puts a value on their child’s abilities and education there will always be less scope for that child to succeed, there are also other reasons why children fail in school …

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12 Sep, 2016

Believing what we’re told

If we’re told something and it becomes continuous, after a while we will begin to believe that what we’re told.

For example, if we’re told we’re stupid, we’ll eventually come to believe that we are that perhaps the other person is right. They clearly know something about us that we’ve missed, which allows them …

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11 Sep, 2016