Why we hold on

We hold on to the things we know aren’t meant for us because although on an unconscious level we know they aren’t really ours, we would still like them to be. We hold on because we’re not great with change.

We spend a lifetime looking for things, trying to prove the things that are not self-evident, because we need them to be. We hold on because those things are what we know, they’re familiar. All things familiar …

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31 Oct, 2016

The world stage

When it came to the EU Referendum it wasn’t all that easy to see how the UK politicians were playing their hand. It was a classic case of saying one thing and meaning another. It wasn’t obvious to the public and as it turned out, it wasn’t obvious to the politicians themselves.

In the UK, the voters learned that a protest vote is a dangerous path to take. Apparently some 1.2 million people in the UK now regret they voted to come out the EU. It’s important we use our vote …

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30 Oct, 2016

Overcoming my challenges

I had a tendency to give up on things as a child, and I never understood why until now, but that didn’t stop others thinking I was lazy. There was a reason for my behavioural pattern, so that lets me off the hook.

Unfortunately, it didn’t stop my flaws from being pointed out, which did very little for my self-esteem. I went through my childhood with my hackles raised, because of a lack of understanding on my neurological …

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29 Oct, 2016

Education inspires

Education inspires. On the subject of education; Abraham Lincoln stated, “I can only say that I view it as the most important subject which we as a people may be engaged in.” and how right he was. Research suggests that adult support may be the most important aspect of a child’s life if they are to succeed in life and school.

As Philosopher George Santayana once said, “a child educated only in school is an uneducated child.” Although school will facilitate an educated child, the input parents give is different to that of …

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27 Oct, 2016

Passing over

It’s a fact, we live and we die that we cannot live forever and although the whole passing thing can be daunting and put fear into us, through spirituality, there is something about someone’s passing that helps us draw comfort.

There is this life and there is the spirit world, which is where we go when we pass. When it comes to a loved one’s passing, our loved ones are never far away. Once they pass, they stay around to help guide …

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26 Oct, 2016

Square peg, round hole

For me dealing with sensory issues is like trying to fit a square peg, into a round hole. Unless the peg matches perfectly, in practicalities and looks, how I see and interpret the world will always be fraught with difficulties. That’s how sensory issues work.

It may seem trivial to someone who doesn’t deal with sensory issues through a brain hemorrhage, but it’s the mental and emotional side of what I have to deal with that can make things difficult, where in every …

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25 Oct, 2016

Correcting our mistakes

Through a lack of cooperation and communication, the wrong mediation, may result in a falling out. Cooperation and communication are both tools that if managed correctly can bring about positive results.

Perhaps, therefore we need to think about how we could do things better or work to put right what we’ve done wrong. Mistakes happen. Things go wrong that’s life, but how we correct our mistakes, are the …

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22 Oct, 2016

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