Fighting our corner

We spend our lives fighting our corner, having to defend ourselves through conversations that have taken place, where we’re told what to do, or given a fait accompli. You get the picture.

It stems from a lifetime growing up, in families, through sibling rivalry, miscommunication, a society that expects conformity, with us being coerced into thinking and believing what we’re …

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21 Oct, 2016

Quick ‘n’ easy exercises

We all know that exercising regularly has numerous benefits. When we exercise, the brain releases chemicals that help improve our mood and reduce depression.

Unfortunately, we often find it difficult to follow a scheduled workout routine due to time restraints, lack of focus; or simply because we’re feeling lazy.

TV Exercising

If you spend a lot of time watching television, then a fitness ball may be the solution. By sitting on a ball instead of in your armchair, you’ll strengthen your core muscles and improve balance without …

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19 Oct, 2016

Apologise or walk away?

It’s sad how when push comes to shove, people choose to walk away from relationships, rather than offer an apology if they’ve done wrong and put things right.

It takes us more effort to walk away, than it does to apologise. No one is infallible. Perhaps we need to centre our ego on what’s right, so that our integrity stays intact, rather than let people …

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17 Oct, 2016

Thoughts of self-esteem

As children, we don’t think about what self-esteem or confidence is. As a child, it’s not something I ever questioned. I’m not sure as children we’re old enough, or mature enough to equate or understand our feelings emotionally, or what they all mean.

Looking back of course, it’s easy to see how a negative self-image and a lack of self-confidence forms part of our childhood, but for me they were the least of my worries. I was angry and frustrated …

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14 Oct, 2016

Genes & lifestyle

Growing up, we assumed that if we were born to healthy parents, whose parents were healthy, we would live until a ripe old age. We weren’t old enough to understand what that meant, or what it was down to, but subconsciously we were drawing conclusions about our gene pool.

More recently, research has established a new thinking on genes and how our genes work. Where genes once controlled our lifestyle, it’s now known that it’s our lifestyle that controls our …

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13 Oct, 2016