Be confident, not arrogant

Many of us who are confident turn out to be arrogant. Over-confidence can spill into arrogance and no one likes arrogance, let alone having to deal with someone who is arrogant. Confident people ooze optimism and that makes them emotionally strong, but it’s seeing themselves as superior that changes the state of play.

People who are outwardly arrogant are single-minded. In their mind, they think they’re already superior to others; but the reality is that inwardly they believe they’re inferior. The arrogance we see in others is …

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30 Nov, 2016

My immature thinking

Age is not always a guarantee of maturity and for me it’s absolutely true. I would love to write a different blog about maturity, of the things that make me emotionally mature, but my reality is that although I have physically grown, my thinking hasn’t matured with it.

Through my intuition I have found a different way to learn. If I didn’t use my intuition, I would continually be excluded from understanding my life. My intuitive thoughts help me understand better. It’s also the way I learn.

Where I lack the maturity, I continue to work …

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29 Nov, 2016

Consciously connecting

Perhaps we need to consciously connect, to rethink our thoughts, particularly where it involves our past, because without our past in check, we will come to emotionally struggle in our present.

It’s only in times when we face uncertainty or when something happens, that the cracks begin to surface on the things we haven’t yet dealt with. Until we take stock of our issues, we will always …

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27 Nov, 2016

Not knowing gave me hope

It is hard to imagine how not knowing about a diagnosis can give you hope, but for me, that is just what it did. I lived with hope, hope in the belief that I would get better and that whatever was wrong with me would right itself. I was comforted by hope.

I believed that what I was dealing with was only temporary and that with each passing day, through exercise, I would physically …

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26 Nov, 2016

A thought from Barack Obama

I was pleased to see this message from Barack Obama to his children on the back of Donald Trump’s election win. It not only shows Barack’s concern for that of his children, but it’s also a positive sentiment through what he sees as uncertain times ahead.

Whether you voted for Donald Trump or not, his election win shows what lies ahead through the next Presidential administration. Whether you are concerned or not, there are already significant …

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23 Nov, 2016

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