A reflection, 2016

It’s that time of year again where I get to reflect on my year with the Diary. I still can’t believe the Diary is into its 7th year. It’s been a busy year for the Diary and as we look to 2017 we must continue to open our minds to life’s possibilities and how we can emotionally continue to make our lives better.

As 2017 is in sight and my blogs continue to be my self-help tool, the Diary continues to be my focus. Away from my family, my site has become my primary focus, a pleasant distraction. It continues to …

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31 Dec, 2016

People pleasing

We will always open ourselves up to others taking advantage, particularly when we’re asked to do something and we never say no, when we try to please people.

It’s a form of acceptance. Of course, when we eventually say no and we start to put ourselves first, the tone from the other camp can easily change. A little condescending and standoffish …

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30 Dec, 2016

A lingering childhood

There are those who go out of their way to blame their parents or siblings for how their lives turn out. Others may not intentionally set out to blame, but may still be affected by their childhood.

There is little point in harbouring resentment, because we don’t get to change our upbringing. Instead, wallowing in our own misery, will only serve to make us more miserable, unless we choose to say …

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28 Dec, 2016

We choose what we see

Perception doesn’t record reality; perception records what we want to see in the way we want to see it. Our mind constructs how we choose to see the world.

Perceptions depend on our assumptions of what we think and how we see things. We all have a different take on what we see, then we build our reality around that. The things we believe are real, are governed …

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27 Dec, 2016

Dealing with trauma

It is not possible to go through life without knowing what you deal with and not have any trauma attached to not knowing.

And whilst we know there is a link between emotions and ill-health, lifestyle contribute. If we’re never encouraged to express how we feel, we will never talk about those things. It is exactly why The CP Diary …

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26 Dec, 2016

Parental & sibling alienation

Parental and sibling alienation are more common than we think or understand: it’s a topic that is important if we are to change how ‘the family’ works. Sadly, parental and sibling alienation is very real and has been around for years.

It involves ‘the programming of a child by one parent, who attempts to denigrate, interfere and undermine the child’s relationship with the other parent.’ It also happens with siblings and can result in …

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24 Dec, 2016

Call a spade a spade

As a child, I learned not to talk about my feelings, but I am able to do that now through my blog. I see talking as a necessity. I call a spade a spade. I describe things as they are. All scenarios are either black or white, there are no grey areas.

How we see things is important, but how we express ourselves is even more important. As a child, I didn’t express myself well. Over the years I have learned to speak my own truth, even if my experiences …

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22 Dec, 2016

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