The best of intentions

It would be lovely to think we live in a world where we all have the best of intentions. That we do things because we’re well meaning that unconditionally we want the best for each other, without a hidden agenda.

Unfortunately, life doesn’t work like that. Another person’s intentions may not always be as honourable as ours. But perhaps it’s not as black and white as that. That individuals start with good intentions …

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20 Dec, 2016

Yoga & Pilates

According to the Huffington Post, over 20 million people were practicing Yoga in the U.S. in 2012. Pilates, too, is rising in popularity. Many practice Yoga and Pilates to get the benefits of both.

Both Yoga and Pilates offer stress-relief, flexibility, strength, control, and endurance. The biggest difference between the two is the emphasis on the spiritual component in classes …

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19 Dec, 2016

Time to think

As a child, I got used to retreating into my own little world. I’m not sure whether that was because I was avoiding certain things, or I just wanted to be with my own thoughts for a while.

Looking back, it is clear I was trying to work those things out. I was also happy being by myself. However we get to sort our issues out, issues need to be solved and we need to be instrumental in …

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18 Dec, 2016

Happy & healthy children

We don’t go into parenting thinking about how our children will turn out when they’re adults, but perhaps it’s something we should think about.

It’s important we at least try to get the parenting thing right if our children are to turn into happy and healthy adults. We also don’t anticipate the ways in which our children may become psychologically …

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16 Dec, 2016

My emotional deficits

This blog is yet another piece to the jigsaw of my disability and a lot of workings out. I know that I am more emotionally disabled than I am physically, due to the nature of the damage to my cerebral cortex.

The cerebral cortex controls both motor function and emotions, and in my case my motor skills and physical disability are relatively mild; the main issue revolves around my inability to physically …

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15 Dec, 2016

To forgive is to understand

Our ability to see beyond hurt encourages emotional growth. When we understand other people’s actions that causes us to feel and understand, it allows us to think about letting go.

We may never go on to experience life in its entirety, if we can’t let go of the resentment we feel. It’s the act of letting go that allows us to make space for bigger things. It’s easy to hold on …

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14 Dec, 2016

My Journey

On the days I still struggle to come to terms with the enormity of my neglect over the years, I need to start looking at my experiences in another way.

I need to be able to understand why I’m now doing what I’m doing and what brought me to this place. The universe decided that my role was to help and that I had to go through those experiences …

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12 Dec, 2016