Purposeful connections

It is fascinating when you understand how the universe connects with us and how those connections bring people into our lives, if only for a fleeting moment. On our part, it is important we understand why people aren’t supposed to stay, or why we’re not supposed to stay in other people’s lives.

People will come into our lives, often with a message unbeknown to us, unless we’re aware of how that connection works. When it comes to life, some of us won’t consciously stop to think about our …

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31 Jan, 2017

My different way of thinking

Unfortunately, because my brain is configured differently to that of a normal thinking brain, how I get to see things is back to front, like a rewired plug that doesn’t work. That includes any processes that requires forward or normal emotional thinking.

For me to get around that I use my intuition to bring my thoughts into a forward-thinking process and that helps me think in the same way other people think. As a child, I had no understanding of my …

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30 Jan, 2017

Our scathed lives

Sadly, we won’t all come through our childhood unscathed, on some level we may be emotionally damaged. Where we have lessons to learn, some of us will learn those and others will simply choose to ignore theirs.

Along the way some of us may deal with depression, neglect or misfortune. Others may deal with injustice, trauma or abuse, but to deal with those things, we must use our emotions and through those emotions …

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28 Jan, 2017

Sleeping without dreams

Imagine a black sheet of paper in front of your eyes, with no lights, with no images, with no memories or imagination coming through. That’s what I see when I sleep.

With extensive damage to the Cerebral Cortex, the part of the brain that is responsible for dreams, means I can’t dream. Instead, my mind takes me through a thought process that highlights outstanding …

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27 Jan, 2017

Our senses & being mindful

Mindfulness is an art, continually brought about through observations on a regular basis. For those of us who practise, taking note of our surroundings is a matter of course. I cannot remember a time when I wasn’t observing. Always in touch with my environment, always observing the world around me.

Our five senses: taste, sight, touch, smell and hear, which we employ unconsciously, enable us to experience the world around us. They’re all powerful forces that aren’t necessarily registered …

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26 Jan, 2017

Working with an other’s ego

People who work from their ego will always make other people’s life difficult. Unfortunately, we can never get to know anyone whose identity and ego have become intertwined.

The ego stems from the conscious, from a person’s sense of self-importance that becomes over-inflated and who uses it to avoid dealing with their own issues. The ego allows a person to cut themselves …

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23 Jan, 2017

We can’t go back

‘We can’t go back to yesterday we were different people then.’ But I’m not sure I’d want to. I wasn’t the same person yesterday, or back then. I’m more emotionally comfortable now.

If I were to go back I wouldn’t know what I know now, I’ve grown in confidence. I wouldn’t be writing and my life would never change because the people in it, would still be the same. To go back …

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22 Jan, 2017