Our stories

I feel fortunate to have created a platform where I can use my experiences to talk about my story and that of my experiences. Our stories are our stories, the way we see our lives and that of our experiences.

Unfortunately, as it can sometimes go, other people’s recollections of our story may not agree with ours, but that shouldn’t matter because our story is our story. If someone else were to tell their …

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17 Feb, 2017

A healthier lifestyle

For us to continue to maintain a healthier lifestyle, sometimes we need to make conscious mindful decisions. Not to means we will continue to rely on unconscious already formed habits.

Unfortunately, the things we need to look out for are generally the things we tend to ignore. For example, we become dependent on smoking or alcohol, which can affect our health. We need to think …

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16 Feb, 2017

Why we slip back

I believe the reason we slip back into old patterns is because we’re governed by our unconscious thoughts, so we’re not always in a good head space. We consciously tell ourselves we want a different life, but our unconscious continues to control our conscious thoughts.

We start with good intentions. We tell ourselves we’re going to make amends that things are going to be different. That we’re going to get our act together, that we’re going to move forward, but the …

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15 Feb, 2017

Wanting to know

It’s nothing short of a miracle that I’ve got to this place, pretty much mentally unscathed. I look back on my experiences, particularly in my childhood where I continually struggled, but my life seems to have been one long struggle.

There is no doubt now that my site has cushioned and softened the blow, but this is one area of my life, where I don’t think I’ll be able to forgive. I would like to think in time I can find a place for the …

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13 Feb, 2017

Finding happiness

The best way to find happiness, is to release the thought process that ties us into certain situations that don’t work for us. Once we’ve done that we can then decide whether we continue to go down that path or not.

The key is not to care so much. Too often people will tell you they care and yet their actions don’t support their words. It took me too long to equate that in my own life, but unless people come to …

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12 Feb, 2017

A parent’s job

My job as a parent has always been to get past my own insecurities, but I can’t vouch for my children picking up on other people’s insecurities.

As a child, I struggled with the fact that I didn’t have the support or the guidance to help me through my physical and emotional difficulties, but I was determined to make sure history didn’t repeat …

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11 Feb, 2017

Keeping up with the Jones

We spend a lifetime looking at what others have, instead of looking at what we have. We will also spend a lifetime looking over our shoulder, choosing to keep up with the Jones.

We spend a lifetime comparing and making comparisons, which begin to act as our benchmark for social class, feeling inferior and inviting jealousy in, through our need to want to acquire material goods …

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9 Feb, 2017