My Brother


My first memory of my brother is a visual in my mind of my mother holding him in her arms with my four-year old, hand reaching out in disbelief that he was finally born. The next vivid memory I have of him was seven months later when my parents returned from the doctor with him after finding out he had Cerebral Palsy.

He lived for seventeen years and passed away a few days before Christmas, nearly thirty years ago. His life was a brief flicker of light I carry with me every day to help me guide the way to a better …

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31 Mar, 2017

A good deed done

Although having a disability has allowed me to see a different side to life, I don’t believe we need to have a disability to understand a different side. We just have to want to care.

Life’s too short to wish we had done things differently. But we’re often too wrapped up in our own thoughts and issues to think …

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30 Mar, 2017

When people reach out

When anyone reaches out to us for help and we decide not to help them, we’ve already subconsciously decided they don’t need our help, that there’s clearly nothing wrong with them.

People reach out because they need the help. Perhaps it’s us that need the help for us not wanting to help them. Everyone deserves an understanding, a listening ear regardless of what they’re dealing …

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28 Mar, 2017

Look for the understanding

I wasn’t an easy child, suffice to say I was difficult, but perhaps others needed to look at why I struggled, we’re not born with difficult character traits.

To be difficult for difficult sake isn’t right, but being difficult because you’re trying to get to grips with something you deal with, with no emotional or mental support, is a whole different ball game. People shouldn’t …

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26 Mar, 2017

Beginners’ exercise guide

Knowing where to begin when it comes to starting an exercise regime can be difficult, so I thought I’d make it easy. I will be splitting this blog into two monthly parts, with the starting up information first.

How much exercise should I do?

In the UK, the National Health Service advises that we should do at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity a week, with exercise on at least five days a week, to help lower the risk of heart …

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24 Mar, 2017

My late diagnosis

Although I was late getting my cerebral palsy diagnosis, I have still had to work through all of my many neurological symptoms, what they mean and how they manifest themselves in me.

Even if I had have had my diagnosis as a child, the specialists wouldn’t have understood the neurological connotations, how my diagnosis would play out in comparison to someone else …

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23 Mar, 2017


I wanted to elaborate further on my previous blog on ‘Running away.’ There are different reasons we run, but the very reason we run from ourselves is exactly the reason we should run towards ourselves.

We isolate ourselves, we emotionally hide, we lose the connection between what’s happening in our realities and in the world. We run from ourselves, our issues, from others and we continue to emotionally …

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22 Mar, 2017

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