Bringing understanding

We don’t erase the memories, but through our understanding and finding a place for those memories, we free ourselves of the bitterness. The memories brought about through other people’s actions are then remembered as a valuable lesson.

Letting go will never cancel out another person’s actions, or the frustrations we have, but freeing ourselves of the bitterness attached to those actions, allows us to bring about an understanding we didn’t …

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29 Apr, 2017

Some early memories

I am lucky that I when I look back I remember conversations and experiences as if they happened yesterday, which is why the Diary works. My father walking behind me when we went out for walks telling me to stop dragging my leg and to pick my foot up.

All our walks seemed to be conducted in this way. It amazes me how I managed to brush the whole thing off with just a shrug and a comment, but that wasn’t without its difficulties. I remember …

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27 Apr, 2017

Look to change

Throughout our lives, we may emotionally struggle. My site is testament to my experiences and my life, how I’ve coped, what my reasoning and understandings are and how I’ve chosen to deal with them.

We all get the insecurity thing, the low self-esteem thing, the lack of confidence thing and why we all probably have had those at one time or another, but we should still want to put things right …

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25 Apr, 2017

Protect, not scar

It’s a parent’s job to protect, not scar us. From experience, but where some parents set out to protect their children, they may end up scarring them instead.

Crossed words, raised voices, strong undercurrents and undertones all create emotional scarring, particularly if undercurrents and undertones are continually being used. We use sarcasm, we lash …

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24 Apr, 2017

The use of quotes

I’m no stranger to quotes. I use them on the Diary and on social media too. I love quotes because they incorporate people’s truth and make others think about their lives, where they are in their lives.

They resonate with us, they’re fantastic at bringing our thoughts into focus, allowing us to continue to think about our wants and needs. They also help shape our thinking and bring clarity and …

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23 Apr, 2017

Using mediation

Although mediation is usually involved and refers to an intervention in a dispute to resolve that dispute, I also believe there’s a different explanation that works in life too. Mediation is an intervention in a process or relationship and should work in families too.

Families don’t always use mediation as a tool. We offer an opinion, the opinion isn’t accepted then we fall out or walk away, depending on what comes first. Mediation should be used as a tool …

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21 Apr, 2017