Signs of our loved ones

Whether you believe in spirit guides or not, our spirit guides deliver little signs that our loved ones are trying to communicate with us, that they’re still around us. When something good happens or we’re struggling and just need help, our spirit guides deliver signals that remind us that our loved ones aren’t far away. That never diminishes.

Something I’d been working on with my site came good. Whilst taking a trip out to Boston Spa that same day, little messages began to show me that my parents weren’t far  away. The car driving …

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21 May, 2017

When souls connect

The soul is what we have in common and yet we spend a lifetime in relationships thinking we have nothing in common with the people we share our lives with, but perhaps that’s not altogether true. If we’re with the right person, our souls will connect.

We tend to think relationships won’t work because we have nothing in common with the other person, but relationships aren’t always about us having to have things in common. Relationships and …

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19 May, 2017

Admitting our guilt

There would be no need for us to feel guilty, unless of course we’ve got something to feel guilty about and if we’ve got something to feel guilty about, then perhaps we should deal with it.

For those of us who carry guilt or choose to live in denial over that guilt, perhaps it’s time for us to do some soul searching and deal with our guilt. Perhaps we think that not being in a good head …

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18 May, 2017

My path

The CP Diary is 7 years old today. Into its 8th year having never missed a blog. I had no idea at the time of course that starting my blog would be my path, my journey.

The not knowing I had Cerebral Palsy, my wanting to know, the many questions asked that led to nowhere, the stress, the anxiety, the dark moments. Also, the continual reflections, the anger …

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17 May, 2017

Mindful exercises

Mindful exercise is about performing physical activity while focusing inward. The idea is that we try to let go of distractions and unrelated thoughts and focus our attention on our sensations, breath and the movements of the body.

Being mindful, allowing ourselves to pay full attention to our workout, means our exercise will be more effective. Mindful exercises are all about the quality, not quantity. Start by turning off the …

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15 May, 2017

Bridging the gap

The problem with Cerebral Palsy as I see it, is that none of us will ever have an explanation of exactly how our brain damage manifests itself, or works.

Even with a diagnosis, the Specialists don’t know exactly how our brain damage presents. With Cerebral Palsy, a diagnosis doesn’t end there because each Cerebral Palsy brain is affected differently …

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14 May, 2017

Parents’ perceptions

Our parents’ perceptions of us and how they see and behave towards us, will be the same way we see and behave towards our own children.

When it comes to parenting, it’s easy for parents to judge. Whether it’s part of a twin scenario or not, it’s important children are parented individually. Times have changed, but through formed …

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13 May, 2017