The universe knows

The universe knows exactly what we do and when we do it. It works from a higher position. It doesn’t matter that we may try to make a situation work to our advantage, the universe will always know if we’re not being selfless.

We might try to deceive, but we can’t deceive for long. We will get caught out. Perhaps on our part, we should reconcile what we know is the truth, instead of trying to make something work that goes …

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30 Jun, 2017

My nemesis

I tend to often reflect situations that upset me, to see if I could have done things better or differently. That way I bring closure more easily and stop blaming myself.

I know that organising my wardrobe around Claudia’s graduation wasn’t going to be easy. I still struggle with the Cerebral Palsy what to wear in the summer thing. I wanted to wear something which said …

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28 Jun, 2017

Trust & doing what’s right

We’re taught from an early age that we must do what’s right that even if others don’t, we must still do what’s right.

Karma teaches us that we’re not only accountable for ourselves, but we’re accountable to others too and how we behave, therefore it’s important we do the right thing, even if others fail to do …

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26 Jun, 2017

My rewired brain

Although my brain compensated as I was a baby when I had my stroke, it doesn’t compensate far enough. I still struggle with significant neurological impairments, but with others assuming they know what I deal with, it makes what I deal with so much worse, not to mention stressful.

Sadly, I don’t feel in the same way as others do. The thought processes I have don’t connect to how I physically feel; in other words I can’t feel. Words are just words I don’t have any physical sensations …

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24 Jun, 2017

Being nice

Sometimes we’re better off staying away from people who almost make not being nice an art form. They’re mean.

They’re also not the people you would choose to spend time with. As a nation, we’ve become more self-centred, more aloof, less patient, more selfish. We’re emotionally distracted. We don’t take the time …

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23 Jun, 2017

What we don’t know

Although they say, “what we don’t know can’t hurt.” In theory, of course that may be true, but it’s not realistic to think we will never know or get to find out and that when we do it won’t hurt.

Finding out about anything that you didn’t know before, brings with it new understanding, not necessarily in a good way. I believe it very much depends on what we don’t know about and whether …

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22 Jun, 2017