Adapt & change

Adapt and change or stagnate and get left behind. Sadly, this is how it works. The capacity to adapt comes through our ability to deal with the mental, emotional and physical challenges.

How we manage to incorporate a new mind set and our subsequent behaviour, determines how successful our new mind-set and behaviour pattern will be. The key implications of change are necessary …

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19 Jun, 2017

Education -v- being worldly

Education opens the mind to new and exciting possibilities, but education isn’t necessarily about formal education. I didn’t quite tick the box on a formal education through no fault of mine, but still believe that just by living, failing and finding an understanding on living we educate ourselves.

The more we open our mind to life and its possibilities, the more open we will be to learning. A worldly education allows us to see the world and understand the concept of life, in the way a book education …

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18 Jun, 2017

How my blogs work

I tend to use reflection to think about everything, even my site, because that helps me decide what I need to write about.

I must admit being let loose on a website such as this, took some working out. Had I have known what I was letting myself in for at the time I probably wouldn’t have started, but I’m so …

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16 Jun, 2017

Managing weight loss

If weight were a matter of calories in and calories out, we’d all be the weight we choose. We all know the ‘eat less’ principle, and yet, somehow it isn’t. Perhaps, therefore it’s time to consider the problem through an alternative lens.

Hunger is a motivated state of mind. We all feel hungry before dinner and full after a meal, but those moments are the tip of the iceberg. Hunger is a process that’s always present, always running …

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15 Jun, 2017

My frontal lobe damage

It has always been important for me to try to understand my Cerebral Palsy symptoms. 8 years after initially finding out I had Cerebral Palsy, I am still finding out things about myself and why I present and act a certain way.

Emotions can be broken into three categories, primary, secondary, and background emotions. Primary emotions are experienced as a by-product of a stimulus-response chain of events and have been hardwired …

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12 Jun, 2017

The art of resisting

We resist the very things that will help us grow and move forward with our lives. We control and box the things we don’t want to deal with in the hope that those things will stay boxed. It’s almost become an art form because we do it so well.

We resist, to attempt to control anything painful, but all that does is reinforce what we know we’ll have to deal with in the longer term. As we start to exhibit signs of anxiety from resisting the very …

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11 Jun, 2017