No consolation

Sadly, The CP Diary is no consolation for how I found out I had Cerebral Palsy. It doesn’t right a wrong in that way. It simply allows me to have a voice, to express what I feel about my experiences, write a wrong there and helps me turn something so negative into something positive.

The Diary allows me to see that just because that was my life, doesn’t mean I need to allow it to continue. My blogs enable me to compartmentalise my experiences, so that I can understand …

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10 Jun, 2017

Family that fall out

Families either work or they don’t work at all. There seems to be no half measures. It’s important how children get to interact with their parents, how individually parents interact with their children, how children interact with their siblings and why sometimes those relationships don’t work.

According to research, jealousy is cited as one of the main reasons family fall out. You’re also twice as likely to have had a family feud if you live in the North of England. When it comes to parent and …

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8 Jun, 2017

Thoughts for positive change

By the time we’re 7 years old our characters are fully formed. But what happens when we’ve had no support, when that voice in our head belittles our very existence, when it starts to draw comparisons with other people, and we become convinced by the things we tell ourselves?

We don’t have to continually buy into it, we can change certain aspects and go on to live fulfilling lives, even without the support. We can look at past experiences and situations, find new understandings and …

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7 Jun, 2017

Social stress & blood pressure

There are suggestions that short-term stress-related spikes in blood pressure add up over time and may be putting us at risk of developing long-term high blood pressure. The jury is still out on this one and more research is needed.

When we’re in stressful situations or we’re constantly being exposed to stress, the body can produce a surge of hormones that temporarily increase our blood pressure, by causing the heart to beat …

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4 Jun, 2017

Choosing not to forgive

It’s taken me a long time to work this through. I wouldn’t have minded if I had been told that I couldn’t cope, I had issues, I was insecure, I couldn’t bring myself to deal with your having Cerebral Palsy. I had issues with you not being perfect. Those are the words I would have been okay with.

To be the mature adult, to help and nurture when we’re not feeling mature is the right thing to do. We must get past our issues. It’s okay that we don’t always get some of the parenting thing …

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3 Jun, 2017