My unspoken disability

Growing up, sadly my physical issues and emotional issues were never recognised or discussed. It wasn’t so much that I was silenced, I just knew not to talk about anything.

After my hospital and physiotherapy appointments nothing was ever discussed either. It was assumed I would go and that was it. It would be like losing a loved one that loved one never being spoken about …

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30 Jul, 2017

Saying what we feel

It’s because we care that we say what we feel: it’s usually the act, rather than the deed that gets us into trouble. Although we may get to say what we feel, others won’t admit they could have handled themselves better.

It’s also a shame that others aren’t honest with us when we come to say what we feel. When the other person goes on the defensive and makes the issue about us, getting where we want to be will be difficult …

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28 Jul, 2017

Drowning under my senses

Having heard about Paddy McGuiness and his wife Christine’s heartbreak, over their four-year-old twins’ Autism diagnosis recently, I wanted to write about it because I not only feel sad, but I can also resonate.

I can draw parallels with them through my Sensory Processing Disorder (“SPD”). I understand why each day is a battle because it’s the same struggles brought forward into a new day, that never leaves you, that can flare up at any moment. It’s often difficult to escape the feeling …

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27 Jul, 2017

Questioning our baggage

To discover the root cause of what we’re dealing with; to free ourselves from baggage requires honest introspection. Not knowing what the root causes are, steals our energy and growth from the many positive influences we will then fail to recognise.

As is life, the build-up of what we carry or deal with lies heavily sometimes. Over time the weight of our baggage …

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25 Jul, 2017

Coming through abuse

There are times when I can’t believe that I’ve had to deal with neglect and trauma. I also didn’t know that growing up with no emotional support, not knowing about my disability, not being able to talk about my feelings around a disability I didn’t know I had, and emotionally having to pull myself through each day, was continually being etched into my psyche.

As my emotions continually spiralled out of control, the neglect and trauma finally manifested itself in anger. It is our families that must realise, understand and want to help. I know that without these experiences …

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24 Jul, 2017

Ungrateful & privileged

Sadly, we live in a society and culture that encourages a sense of entitlement from some children, but not all. Even if we raise a grateful child, children may still go through the sense of entitlement, ungrateful stage. Although that doesn’t indicate whether they will stay ungrateful or entitled forever, parents still need to have control over their attitudes.

As a child, I was grateful for the roof over my head, the food on the table. I was grateful for just about everything. I never stopped to question anything. It’s just the way I was. It’s only later on that …

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22 Jul, 2017